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Various important concepts under the SAP mobility platform

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Technology has made things much easier for all of us. They are having so many applications in almost every business sector. They also open up so many opportunities as well as the new perceptive for the businesses from sales to logistics the mobile applications have made things a bit easier. The SAP mobility platform is also one of the technological solutions which have changed the whole scenario. Even the employees of all organizations can now easily participate in significant business processes. This in turns comes up with many benefits that a SAP development company can offer you.

You can now integrate with your business structure with the SAP applications. So, to know more you must read about other important things relating to the SAP mobility platform. These are:

  • SAP Fiori: It is the bundle of different applications that are released by the SAP. It offers a great UX in the various SAP processes. It covers many SAP functions. The SAP Fiori is divided into three categories of Fiori apps. These are:
  1. Transactional apps: These are applications that can be used on both mobiles as well as desktop. These apps are useful for the activities relating to leaves of employees, travel relating requests, etc. 
  2. Factsheet: You can easily search for the various facts about a business object. 
  3. Analytical apps: These apps are designed to use for the purpose of analyzing the data that will help you to gain insight into the market trends. 
  • Hana Cloud Integration: The SAP introduces the Hana Cloud Integration Platform to provide ease of integration. Even on a single platform, you can integrate both your cloud as well as non-cloud platforms. 
  • SAP Mobile Platform (SMP): It was earlier known as the Sybase Unwired Platform. The main emphasis of this is on the B2B and B2C. SMP 3.0 is the latest of all which has made the development of application more exciting. Some of the main elements of SMP 3.0 are:
  1. Syclo Agentry: This tool is to deploy, manage the whole cycle of the mobile app. It is helpful in connecting the pieces of the complex workflows. 
  2. SAP management cockpit: It performs the functions as an admin console. It can easily manage and deploy various applications like native, Agentry, and hybrid. 
  3. SMS toolkit: The various SMS applications can be developed using this SMS builder. SMS means a short message server. 
  4. Integration gateway: This element is helpful in converting the runtime data from various sources like JPA etc.

So, these are the important concepts that you should know under the SAP mobility platform. In order to enjoy these above applications you need to hire the right SAP development firm for your business that will help you in all this. Once you hire the right development company all your worries washed away. They are experts in this field who are serving many other business firms with their expertise and experience so don’t wait just make the right choice of the firm.


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