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Things To Ponder To Land On The Ideal Leatherette Sofa


Sofa shopping is the most confusing task, and the quest for a perfect sofa is challenging with a million choices available. The couch is an asset that remains around for many years, and so it is necessary to ponder well and then decide. The person’s preferences, family needs and habits also matter a lot here while making this valuable decision. An individual has to decide on whether the sofa has to be modern, classic, high, low, fixed, movable, with cushions or without additional features. While looking at the above aspects, research reveals that a leatherette sofa is the best in both style and functionality. Wakefit leatherette sofa outweighs the other sofa kinds with positive traits like durability, comfort, and affordability. Things that make a leatherette sofa highly preferable are:

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What Are Leatherette Sofas?

A leatherette sofa is different from a leather sofa as it is made of a synthetic material that mimics leather and is not pure leather. This synthetic material is also known as faux or fake leather used to make a lot of furniture. This material is coated with polyurethane or PVC that does not contain any animal by-products, unlike authentic leather. Pure leather is always made of animal hide that is treated with chemicals.

What Are The Benefits Of Leatherette Sofas?

The leatherette sofa is the best when compared to other materials with which sofas are created. However, the most important feature of a leatherette sofa is the kind of leather. Read on to know the other advantages of leatherette sofas:

  • Leatherette sofas are durable with the perfect leather that are durable and will last a lifetime. They will not age and stay for a very long time, because they are porous and waterproof without forming any impact with external factors. They can withstand any form of external trauma to great extents making them last even a lifetime.
  • Leatherette sofas are hypoallergenic. They do not harbour external factors like dust, mites, pet hairs and other allergens from the atmosphere very quickly. Hence, these are best for people with allergies and prone to respiratory illnesses aggravated with allergens. These sofas are also the perfect ones for people living in places where there is more humidity making the atmosphere more prone to rodents and pests on the different surfaces.
  • Leatherette sofas are a sign of elegance, luxury and style as they look sleeker. Moreover, it is a symbol of status, and investing in these sofas proves that they belong to the more comfortable population as a leatherette sofa resembles the leather sofa.
  • Leatherette is very easy to clean and requires only mild dusting or few rubs to keep it tidy. Moreover, one can do it only once in a while to prevent splits and cracks. This makes them easily maintained with no extra efforts and investments.

What Are The Features Of A Leatherette Sofa?

The functional features that make a leatherette sofa set highly desirable are mentioned below. They are:

  • Appearance: A leatherette sofa is resistant to different kinds of stains, and hence easy to maintain. Even under intense lighting, it does not get faded with colour. The visible part of the sofa is the one that enhances the interior look of any room, and the quality of the leatherette sofa is incredible always. It comes in various shades that make them blend with any interior concepts and tones. They resemble a leather sofa very much, and so they provide a rich look to the living room, although they are made of faux leather.
  • Ergonomics: A leatherette sofa is always designed as per ergonomics. It is therefore made with essential safety and comfort with sufficient pocket springs. It does not create any noise or unnecessary sound during its usage. All these factors are considered, and each leatherette sofa is accordingly produced to meet the required standards.
  • The upholstery for any leatherette sofa fabric has a wide range of options with more than eighteen colours and textures with numerous antimicrobial properties. These offer a wide range of options to match the other furniture and various textural patterns. These can also be customised as per the client’s choice with particular sellers.
  • It is the best choice for families with kids and pets as they are resistant to spillage and pet’s dirt, hair and debris. It is therefore effortless to maintain and have it clean and tidy. Just a wipe is sufficient to dust off the entire sofa set.
  • Other materials are incorporated along with a leatherette sofa to create a premium quality couch. They are plywood or beech wood which are both termite and borer proof and moisture tested. These materials add elegance to the whole couch set and serve as a highlighter to enhance its look.
  • The foam used to make a leatherette sofa is of a much higher grade, unlike the ones used in the other sofas. They are called virgin foam that is not both reused and recycled. They have an anti-sagging property and are both bouncy with salient features. This gives life to the sofa unlike other sofa kinds, and hence they also contribute to its durability.
  • A premium leatherette sofa is tested well before they are marketed, and the tests include drop test, impact and weight test, heavy impact test for foam and exposure test for both extreme temperature and humidity.
  • The stitching technology in every leatherette sofa is very durable, and the stitches display various factors like solid lines, interlocking features, double stitches that abide by the non-tear technology.

Leatherette sofas are an ideal investment as far as the living room is concerned. Owing to its properties and benefits to the user, it is the best sofa variety. It is an ideal choice for everyone, even for a single to a large family, as it is durable and highly affordable with less maintenance. It stays as such for a minimum of ten years and comes in numerous patterns, colours and textures, but make sure to pick the right one that suits your living room.


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