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Top 7 Best Products From Rain Or Shine Golf In 2021

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your golfing hobby may be discontinued. Why don’t you entertain yourself with indoor golf? Let’s try some best products from Rain Or Shine Golf.

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7 Must-Try Products From Rain Or Shine Golf

Golf simulator, also known as Golf 3D, Electronic Golf or Mini Golf, is the most realistic simulation game system of Golf in reality. This system is equipped with golf clubs for players to hit the screen in front of them. Rain or Shine Golf is a business which provides the top golf simulation technology and accessories, helping you take up your golf simulator interest. Here are the 7 best Rain Or Shine Golf simulator packages you should try.

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator is considered one of the best spendworthy Rain Or Shine Golf golf simulator packages designed based on hundreds of feedback from customers. At an affordable price, it supplies you with a professional system in order that you can get the most amazing indoor golfing experience.

More specifically, this package is a combination of SwingBay Golf Simulator, SkyTrak Launch Monitor, 1080p HD Short Throw Projector, Projector Ceiling Mount, Premium Golf Hitting Mat and HDMI Cable. Among them, SkyTrak is a useful launch monitor for the simulation. Therefore, it ensures high-quality pictures as the lifelike experience which you have before.


– Enduring framing system

– Good materials

– High definition picture quality


– Minimum space requirements: 9’ high x 12’ wide x 16’ deep

– iPad or Gaming PC needed

SkyTrak HomeBay Golf Simulator Package

Another Rain Or Shine Golf Skytrak package which you should choose is SkyTrak HomeBay Golf Simulator. Its price is reasonable for those getting used to this kind of golf.

This package brings you plenty of outstanding features, especially a full netting enclosure and a ballistically tested impact screen. With an optimal picture display provided by this Rain or Shine Golf’s product, you can have a chance to improve your golfing skills during the pandemic.


– Easy to use

– 25′ HDMI Cable included


– Minimum Space Requirements: 9′ high x 12’ wide x 14’ deep

– Brackets in wall needed

SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package

If you can’t afford the two above Rain or Shine Golf SkyTrak Golf Simulator, then this package is ideal for you. In the SkyTrak SwingNet Golf Simulator Package, although Rain or Shine Golf doesn’t pair any hitting screen, you will get a high-quality hitting mat and net in return. Also, this setup doesn’t require a lot of space so that your playing area will not be limited, promisingly providing you with the most comfortable experience anywhere in your house.


– Reasonable price

– No space limited


– iPad or Gaming PC needed

– No Short Throw Projector and HDMI Cable included

FlightScope Mevo + HomeBay Golf Simulator Package

In terms of FlightScope Goft Simulator, The Mevo+ HomeBay Golf Simulator Package is a must-try product from Rain Or Shine Golf. It is a portable one which is suitable for all golfers. Specifically, the package includes FlightScope’s highly anticipated Mevo+ launch monitor, the best hitting enclosure, projector, ceiling mount, landing pad and golf mat. All of them will help you practice in a professional way in your house.

In addition, it is equipped with a limited version of the E6 Connect golf simulation software, giving you the best golfing experience ever. Moreover, the budget spent for this package is quite reasonable so you can completely have peace of mind when choosing this fantastic outdoor game.


– High-quality impact screen

– Full netting enclosure system


– Brackets in wall needed

Uneekor QED Ignite SwingBay Golf Simulator

This is an all-in-one simulator package which can turn you from an amateur into a pro. In the Uneekor QED Ignite SwingBay Golf Simulator Package, Rain Or Shain Golf combines the best elements like simulator enclosure, projector, ceiling mount, landing pad and golf mat. These will give you accurate shots from 10cm to 435 yards. Particularly, you can choose the tools to improve the golfing level you need through this package.

Another great point of the product set is to be easy to assemble and built to last. This feature helps you save effort and experience the game in a complete way. However, with the QED, you can’t attack angle, club loft and lie angles, as well as vertical and horizontal impact points.


– More advanced game improvement

– More data accuracy


– Minimum space requirements: 9.5′ high x 12′ wide x 17′ deep

– No more advanced club data

Uneekor EYE XO SwingBay Golf Simulator

This package provides everything you need to practice and play professionally. Thanks to the Uneekor EYE XO and SwingBay Golf Simulator, it is one of the ultimate golf simulator packages you should consider for your house. With the simulator, you can make a shot accurately from 10cm to 435 yards, creating a chance to improve your level considerably.

Additionally, other factors in this package are projector, ceiling mount and golf mat. Yet, it is quite simple to assemble all the factors and get an interesting playground at home.


– An overhead ultra hi-speed camera-based launch monitor provided

– Highly advanced ball and club data included


– Minimum space requirements: 9′ high x 12′ wide x 16′ deep

GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Package

GC2 SwingBay Golf Simulator Package is an ultimate all-in-one home golf simulator which provides customers with the most accuracy. It can be considered the suitable choice for your boring day at home. This package can set both indoor and outdoor space in your house, giving you a flexible playing environment. However, you need to pay more for advanced club data if choosing this package.


– Indoor and outdoor used


– Minimum space requirements: 9’ high x 12’ wide x 16’ deep

– More expense for advanced club data

How To Choose Your Suitable Rain Or Shine Golf Simulator?

Rain Or Shine Golf simulator products will provide you a modern indoor setup which can entertain you a lot. Instead of going to the golf course, you can completely stay at home and enjoy your wonderful golfing time despite the weather conditions or time. It is not only safe during the pandemic but it also gives you a chance to cultivate your skills yourself.

Before making the decision to buy a golf simulator, you should carefully consider relevant factors as well as get to know the advantages and disadvantages of this product. In short, all you need to do is to make everything clear before buying one. Below are the 5 things you may consider:

The material of golf simulator

Material is always the first and most important thing that you should keep in mind when choosing any product, particularly a golf simulator. The one made with good and safe materials surely provides you a more wonderful experience than the bad one. It contains a variety of criteria, including materials for a hitting net, a hitting mat and a golf simulator. A tip for you is testing the motion of the ball and reading carefully the data information in the computer program.

The quality of golf simulator

It is not an exaggeration to say that quality is the soul of Rain Or Shine Golf simulator and skytrak. The quality is known as the realistic feeling while you hit the ball to the mat and the bounced-back reaction of the hitting net. If the golf simulator doesn’t meet these conditions, you should think twice about buying it in order not to get an unpleasant feeling.

The performance of golf simulator

As for the performance of a golf simulator or golf skytrak, you should also consider it carefully. Advisedly, a golf simulator which can be flexibly set up both indoor and outdoor space will be very beneficial. It can provide outstanding performance and the best experience for your playing time. Otherwise, if you just wish to play in indoor areas, there are lots of choices for you. However, you should make your house organized and leave rooms for the golf simulator set so that it can’t disturb any member in your family.

The portability of golf simulator

Portability is which you need to consider before buying a golf simulator for your house. A portable product is which you can carry easily anywhere and anytime. In addition, this kind of product doesn’t require a lot of space and is lightweight. Thus, it creates a comfortable experience while practicing golfing at home.

The budget spent for golf simulator

An affordable price is one of the top elements that you need to be concerned about. Depending on the product’s equipment and accessories, the price can vary suitably for your demand. Before making up your mind to buy a golf simulator, you should spend time going through all categories and their price lists. The higher performance the product has, the more expensive it is. However, Rain Or Shine Golf can offer a golf simulator which both have good quality, high performance and affordable price.

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