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Top 6 Free and Legal Streaming Websites for 2021

Legal Streaming Websites

Streaming websites have become a go-to for most people to watch their favourite shows, movies, and other entertainment content. These sites host the latest released shows as well as the old classic ones which can keep you busy for a long time.

There are a lot of streaming websites available out there which provide you with the content of your interest. You can easily find both free and paid streaming sites like Tamil movies da or kisscartoon etc on your search engine but to pick a site without thinking it through can make your streaming experience bad.

You need a streaming site with the best services and a huge variety of content and we are going to help you find such a platform.

In the following section, we will share with you our top free and legal streaming platforms to make the search process easier for you so stick with us till the end.


In any free or legal streaming platform that is considered good, you will find things like high video quality, fewer ads, and a huge movies/shows collection, and this site offers you all of these things and doesn’t ask you for even a dime.

There is no need to go through any irritating subscription or registration process too. Just type the site title on your search bar and have fun with the endless supply of both local and foreign shows to watch.

Movies Found Online

If you are a movie enthusiast and you prefer movies over web shows and documentaries you can visit this cool streaming site. The site is known for hosting independent content and the movies hosted by this platform are often not easily available on other free streaming sites.

This site comes with many ads and the UI of the site is also not very effective but when it comes to watching online films in HD quality, it is hard to find a site as good as this one.


This streaming platform is relatively a lot better than the ones we have already discussed in terms of UI and the quality of videos. The site in many ways resembles a paid streaming platform.

Everything from the website layout to the searching options such as filter search or auto-completion is extremely professional. The site gives you the freedom to register for free but you can also stream the content here without the registration.


When you talk about HD and above-resolution films and the sites which offer these, it is hard to leave snag films out. The site is just great when it comes to providing all the latest as well as old films in a result that is clear and clean.

You can watch not just films but many educational documentaries and kids’ shows here as well which gives you more variety regarding the content to watch.


Though this site is not great for watching the latest released content, you can easily find here old classic movies and shows. YouTube has a great interface and each video you play comes with a bunch of suggestions for the related content as well.

YouTube comes with a very effective auto-completion feature just like kimcartoons. Apart from films, you can watch here stuff like educational videos, vlogs, live streaming videos, and the latest released songs as well.


This free streaming site is best known for its friendly UI and an amazing collection of films from every genre possible. Viewers from across the globe seem to love this site for its amazing streaming services including fast loading speed, fewer ads, foolproof security policy, and an amazing collection of high-resolution films.

Wrapping it Up

So, now you know what are some of the most widely known sources to watch films for free. These sites stand at the top for their amazing streaming services and great user experience. Try out one or more of the above platforms and we guarantee that you will have an amazing and fun time streaming your favourite films.

We really hope this information has given you what you needed and we wish you the best in finding a streaming website that meets your every requirement.


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