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What Should Be Your Approach To Crack The JEE Mains Examination?


When one thinks of cracking JEE main entrance exam, it might seem to be an impossible task at a glance. Something that might take years to prepare for and many attempts to clear btu in reality that isn’t the truth. There are ample number of students who have cracked the entrance examination in a single attempt without even giving up their social lives entirely. Surely, any important exam like JEE mains requires hard work and discipline but it must remember that to crack the exam itself you don’t only need rote preparation but also energy and confidence. With the right approach, you can also clear the exam in a breeze:

Know the basics

To clear a concept-based exam like JEE mains, you must have a very clear understanding about the basic concepts in the syllabus. You can’t just skip a point or two and expect yourself to solve numerical based on that topic. Havinga thorough knowledge will give you the right resources to solve any type of question based on a particular topic. If you have difficulty in understanding just from reading and practicing then you should probably try jee main online exam practice. With online exam preparation site, you can clear your doubts through illustrative videos and interesting explanations. Make learning fun and you’ll soon begin to enjoy the process of preparation rather than dreading it.

Make your own notes

Learning from other’s notes is good but nothing can be compared to your own made notes. When you write your own notes, not only do you gain a better understanding of what you have learned but are also able to see problems with your understanding. Also, writing explanations of your understanding makes you a natural at formulating and framing answers in a proper manner. With practice, you would gain a good grip on your syllabus very soon.

Previous year question papers

Luckily, previous year questions papers of JEE mains examination are quite easily available. Even their answers can be easily availed online as well as offline. So, do not waste your time in random reference books and invest more time in practicing the previous year question papers. The more you practice the questions from the previous year question papers, the more you’ll gain a good understanding of the types of questions that are asked in the jee mains examination.

Attempt mock tests

No preparation is complete without testing and analysing it. Do not leave putting your preparation to test only at the actual exam. Before you go in for the JEE mains exams, it is important that you take a good number of mock tests. These mock tests put you in a similar situation as the actual exam. Thus, giving you a good idea about the feel and atmosphere of the actual examination. This way you can recognise and rectify your mistakes (if any) before taking the actual exam. At the end of the day, just remember to believe in yourself and give your best. Hard work and faithful preparation would definitely bring good results.


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