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3 Reasons Why You Should Dry Clean Everything in Your Closet

Dry Clean Everything

We all have our favorites– even with our clothes. Clothes are one of our investments to look and feel good. In return, we have to take good care of our clothes to make them last long through every seasonal cycle.

Unfortunately, no matter how we follow the care label instructions on our clothes, there are unlucky moments when they get stained. Also, some clothes require special attention, such as “dry clean only” clothes. There is a reason why it should be dry cleaned instead of the regular wash method. Do you know the 3 reasons why you should dry clean everything in your closet?

Dry cleaning has several benefits, but here are the three major reasons why:

Preserves Delicate Fabrics, Increases Lifespan

Have you noticed some of your clothes easily snag or loosen when you wash them in the washing machine? These clothes are probably made from delicate fabrics or tagged with “dry clean only.” Setting the washing machine on the most gentle cycle would not help. It will still ruin your clothes.

However, dry cleaning do not have the same effect on the fabric. Washing machines and soap stretch and fade the clothes because of the harsh detergents and spinning cycle of the machine. Most of the clothing that needs gentle care and could easily lose their shapes when mistreated are acrylic fabric, blazers, cashmere fabric, pleated clothes, and necktie.

That’s why most people who have these clothing hires a dry cleaning service as professionally dry cleaned clothes last longer than those washed in regular methods. 

Removes Stubborn Stains

All of us hate it when our favorite clothes get stained. We immediately pre-treat them to avoid setting on the fabrics. However, there are some stubborn stains. Luckily, dry cleaners can remove any types of stains, even those that are barely visible to our eyes.

Dry cleaning can also remove any unseen particles that may cause discoloration, ensuring that your clothes will still be in a good condition after it is in storage for months. Thus, if you have stubborn stains, take your clothes to an expert in dry cleaning. Do not store them inside your closet to prevent any existing stains from setting on the fabrics.

Avoid Insect Infestation

Stains and fabric lifespan is not the only thing to worry about when storing your clothes in the closet. There are small critters that are almost invisible to the naked eye taking shelter on your clothes when they are not properly cleaned. You can share your clothes all you want but these insects could still be hiding on the seams of your clothes.

Bugs and silverfish are the common insects that can eat your favorite sweaters or leave stains that could be difficult to remove. Get help from a professional dry cleaner to remove their eggs and keep your clothes bug-free.

Stubborn stains and preservation of the fabric longevity is not the only thing we have to worry about. Have you thought that our clothes could be visually clean but not hygienically clean? Well, this problem deals with small critters, that are almost invisible to the naked eye, who are taking shelter on your clothes. Insect infestation happens if your clothes are not properly washed.

Even if you will endlessly shake your clothes, these insects will stubbornly stay on your clothes. They are difficult to remove. However, if you dry clean your clothes, you can ensure that their eggs are removed and you are keeping your clothes bug free as you store them inside your closet.

Other Tips for Clothing Storage

Storing your clothes in the closet requires attention and forethought. Seasonal wears should not be simply set aside in the closet. You need to ensure that these clothes can survive the hibernation phase. After you have dry cleaned everything in your closet, follow these additional tips for clothing storage:

Use plastic bins in storing clothes. Ensure that your clothes are stored inside a plastic bin. Do not use cardboard boxes as it invites insects towards your clothes.  

Do not vacuum seal your clothes. Some might think it is best to place the clothes in vacuum-sealed containers. However, clothes need to breathe. Compressing them would wrap the fiber leading to unwanted damages.

Use cedar balls. We commonly use mothballs to repel bugs. But, using them could damage our clothes and they are hazardous to human health. So, instead of using mothballs, use cedar balls as they could naturally ward off insects. Make sure you do not have an unwanted surprise when it is time to rotate your season clothes again.
If you cannot dry clean your clothes at home, hire a laundry pickup service that offers dry cleaning to have your clothes taken care of by experts.


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