An efficient amount of cost estimating is quite critical to lead towards the success of your construction business. Estimates are quite higher and allow you to win fewer job with low or no profit. That is the only reason to acquire the accurate takeoffs of the different things like material takeoffs, drywall takeoff, quantity takeoff, etc.

Manual estimating is quite hard and difficult to proceed with because it takes time, and at a certain point, it is essential to consider using software to bid for more jobs in less time. The software might be a significant investment that includes different tools to break the bank. Below are the five free and open sources estimating and takeoff products to consider this type of solution for your construction business.

Many contractors chose products that offer a stand-alone free or open-source version to meet our definition specifically for Construction estimating software and rank it highly. 

Free Construction estimating and takeoff software

Free Construction estimating and takeoff software offers many options to earn revenue by providing a basic free version for the users to download with premium features. Below are the few well known estimating software

Easy-pro builders’ estimator

It is a free tool and relies entirely on the Apache OpenOffice spreadsheet program Calc. It takes two dozen worksheets that report back to a summarized page to deliver updated estimates. It is adjustable with taxation rates relying on which country you are in and register your client unbilled. It is also a printable project report compatible with Windows, Linux and available for 24 trade worksheets.

Estimator 2.0

This particular software aims at architects, builders, engineers and construction companies to create comprehensive estimates for residential and commercial buildings. It assists clients to prepare tenders, cost abstract, purchase orders with other demanding documents for proper estimation. This particular free program allows you to create estimation and print it out. It is ideal for those who press for a specific time, and demand too quickly will enable you to estimate without spending a lot of money on premier software.

Many expert estimates tend to create estimates for a host of construction projects by including concrete structures, earthwork, painting estimating, earthwork, masonry, plastering and much more.

It includes few features like delivering extensive tutorial for new users and quickly generating an estimate and print out. In comparison, preparing tenders, cost abstracts and purchase orders and compatible with windows.

STACK Takeoff and Estimating Software

STACK is professional software that offers free construction software that aims for firms to streamline the bid process and efficiently estimate materials, equipment and labor. This particular software delivers access to a comprehensive library of prebuilt, industry-specific material libraries relevant to its website. It also generates an estimate rely on your input and includes material required with labor, equipment, and overhead cost. It is useful for different types of estimating like flooring estimating, roofing estimating, etc.

This particular software is cloud-based to access from different ways of an internet connection. It is also considered compatible with different types of the platform, from smartphones to desktop computers. It also includes training with the software for free that also consists of few following smart features.

  • Upload digital plans
  • Takeoff software deliver shortcuts to measure and make it quickly produce a takeoff
  • Prebuilt estimate to deliver insights to inform your estimates
  • Cloud-based
  • Free training

Open source construction estimating and takeoff software

Open source construction estimating and particular takeoff software mainly have an additional wrinkle with the available source code. Some of the many benefits and drawbacks will make you aware of some benefits and drawbacks that will make you aware.

The main benefits of it will make you customizable and adapt the software to fit individual business. The major drawback is that you don’t want to know how to mess up with the source code. It lacks the technical ability to become a problem if the software demands improvements down the road.


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