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E-commerce Mobile App Development: Smart Ways to Increase Customer Engagement


As an increasing number of businesses are jumping on the online retail arena, the share of e-commerce in the retail business is continuously on the rise. On the other hand, most online stores and e-commerce startups prefer mobile apps as their primary channels instead of the regular web just because most buyers now prefer shopping through mobile instead of desktops.


In a scenario like this, enhancing customer engagement and customer visits through a mobile commerce app is the best bet a business can opt for. Since most users these days keep their eyes attached to the handheld screens throughout the day, targeting customers on mobile platforms can fetch better business outcomes than other channels.


On the other hand, by focusing on just one or two channels to connect customers, offering an omnichannel shopping experience can be more effective. Since smartphone users have already surpassed desktop users, mobile commerce has appeared as an irreplaceable channel for most retailers.


Personalized User Experience 


These days customers feel more attached to brands that provide them a highly personalized shopping experience. When they use an app instead of a business website, customers will likely enjoy a more personalized shopping experience.


Thanks to a personalized user experience, customers can use an eCommerce store just in the way they prefer. They enjoy a shopping experience based on their preferences.


On the other hand, features of an application for mobile e-commerce allow customers to enjoy a highly streamlined way to complete purchases requiring the least time and effort. An e-commerce app based on a particular consumer history can showcase app screens based on user preferences.


Enhance UI/UX


Boosting customer engagement is only possible through a superb user experience (UX). By offering a highly intuitive user interface (UI), an app can easily reduce the chances of abandoning carts to a great extent. Since abandoned carts are a common area of concern for ecommerce business owners, improving user experience to reduce such instances is important.


A customer can place orders and browse anytime, anywhere and access the shopping cart even when the device is offline through a mobile app. Through a mobile e-commerce app, a company can provide a far better user experience compared to a mobile web store. When it comes to e-commerce app development India, with its overwhelming small business market, provides several great examples in which sophisticated UI/UX helped small brands to compete with big ones.


Promotions, Coupons, and Discounts


Mobile e-commerce apps can enhance engagement easily through promotions, coupons, and discounts offered from time to time for customers. Coupons and discounts are powerful promotional tools used by all e-commerce stores across all niches.


In this respect, it is important to remember that coupons just do not provide incentives against purchases in online stores. Still, they play a very effective role in increasing subscribers and pushing the number of loyal customers. Coupons personalized for particular segments can further steadily push engagement and business conversion.


Mobile commerce stores can offer coupons to push product purchases, but the coupons can also be utilized to create long-term audiences by rolling out newsletter subscriptions. How creatively you roll out coupons and offers to engage customers is what matters most.



Roll Out Loyalty Programs


As an e-commerce store, you do not want only one-time buyers, but you won’t repeat sales. To achieve this, your mobile commerce store can roll out loyalty programs. Now rolling out an engaging loyalty program that finds quick traction is significant for a store.


Loyalty programs that can push customers to buy often or make purchases every now and then are successful. Creating loyalty programs with different tiers for accumulating points against purchases to each them against purchases from time to time is most important.


Some creative loyalty programs offer rewards to customers for promoting the brand as well. For example, loyalty points and rewards can be offered to review products, use photos showcasing the brands, make product videos, etc.



Roll Out Social Media Contests


Rolling out social media contests on popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be highly effective in spreading the brand news, developing a strong community around the brand, increasing traffic footfall, and enhancing business conversion.


Remember the following tips when rolling out social media contests.


  • Come out with a unique and catchy promotional hashtag.
  • Create engaging graphic visual or engaging short video content showcasing the contest.
  • Make sure you have a moderation tool to change the content when and where necessary.
  • Make sure to procure legal rights for reusing user-generated content.


Create Social Media videos for Product Promotion 


Promotional video content on social media channels works great and helps in making great outreach. The product videos posted on social platforms can easily make your brand reach out to a wider audience as most users prefer watching videos instead of reading text. A mobile commerce app showcasing its engaging user interface can easily lure a lot of users to the app.


In this respect, consider how you can effectively embed the videos through posts so that users can easily engage and find your e-commerce store interesting. Remember, short, precise, and highly customer-focused videos showcasing the key value propositions of your store can only help you get the best results.


Intelligent Chatbots 


These days mobile eCommerce stores increasingly use interactive and intuitive chatbots to make suggestions and recommendations that can push sales and business conversion.


AI-based chatbots based upon data-driven customer insights on buying intent, online behaviour, and other tendencies can recommend products and services that are most likely to find easy traction.





Obviously, there are several other ways that a mobile e-commerce app can push customer engagement. But these measures provide a gross idea about the sophisticated ways mobile e-commerce apps can try. These ways of pushing engagement also showcase a shift from the traditional e-commerce stores.



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