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What Are the Worst Wedding DJ Services?

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It’s your big day. The table is set, the venue is beautiful, but do you have the right person on the turntables? How can you spot the worst DJ music entertainment services? Is it the clothes they wear, their marketing? What are the tell-tale signs?

This article examines what you should look for when trying to spot the worst wedding DJ services. Wedding DJs should be professional and it’s their job to run a smooth and enjoyable reception. Continue reading to learn more about the practices the worst wedding DJ services engage in, and how you can avoid them. 

Lack of Reliability 

One of the marks of awful wedding DJ services is that you can’t rely on them. If their clients frequently report them showing up late, being apathetic toward the wedding party’s needs, and putting on a sub-par performance, it’s time to consider inquiring elsewhere. 

The worst DJ services might be great DJs, but you can’t count on them to deliver. The best way to discover whether the wedding DJ service you’re considering is reliable is to look at client testimonials. 

Places like Google and Yelp can give you wedding DJ tips to see if the one you’re considering is the right fit. 

Unprofessional Appearance 

Looks aren’t everything. But if you’re going to a wedding, you have to at least put some effort into your appearance. If your DJ doesn’t agree, it’s most likely time to look elsewhere. 

Part of professionalism is looking presentable. If your wedding DJ can’t even bother to wear a suit, why would their performance be any different?to put some effort into your appearance at least

Lack of Accommodations 

The worst wedding DJ services have limited skillsets. They might be stunning at that sweaty nightclub you went to when you were in college, but do they fit the wedding vibes? 

Will they be able to take guests’ requests? Will they be able to keep the energy up throughout the entire night, or will they play some obscure music genres that no one knows or cares about? 

When looking for wedding DJ services, you should consider whether your DJ is well-versed in all music genres and whether they take their equipment seriously. 

You don’t want a gear-head DJ who doesn’t care about anything besides his/her rig. However, you do want a DJ who takes their craft seriously. 

Frequent Technical Difficulties 

You must refer to the testimonials again for this one. Your DJ might know every spec about every piece of DJ equipment, but if they don’t know how to use that equipment, they’re pretty much useless. It’s not about the caliber of the tool. It’s about the caliber of he/she who wields the tool. 

People might report the wedding DJ taking long pauses between songs or having dead space in the set. They might also report DJs not being able to work their equipment. Whatever the reason, stay on the lookout for DJs who talk a big game, but who can’t back it up. 

Inexperienced DJs 

Experience is the best teacher. It’s no different in the DJ game. DJs who have the longest track record of performing high-quality shows at weddings are the safest bet. During the interview process, Ask your prospective DJs to describe their favorite and most challenging shows. Their answers will reveal a lot. 

DJs Who Are More Concerned With Promoting Their Music Than Playing Your Favorite

Your wedding is your special night. It’s not supposed to be an opportunity for the DJ to promote their latest demo. If the DJ you’re considering makes the whole show about them, you need to re-evaluate your decision. 

When you interview the prospective DJ, you should be able to tell whether they’re interested in your wedding plans or whether they only care about how they’re going to look. They should ask probing questions to see where your musical tastes lie and what kind of music you’re looking to have at the reception. You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re fighting for their attention. 


DJs have to be outgoing, but there is a fine line between being outgoing and hoarding attention. While DJs’ have a responsibility as the master of ceremonies, their primary responsibility is the wedding entertainment. If they lose sight of that, things can get ugly fast.

One of the worst things a DJ can do is hog the mic and make unnecessarily long speeches. Even worse is when DJs make long-winded speeches about themselves. Good wedding DJs will understand when to cut their speeches and they won’t make it about themselves. Their speeches will always be about the wedding guests.  


While you don’t want a blabbermouth at the microphone, you also don’t want a shy person who starts sweating the minute they get the microphone in their hand. The best wedding DJs should be outgoing but never steal the spotlight. You don’t want a wedding DJ who doesn’t know how to make announcements and control the flow of the reception- that’s half of the DJ’s job. 

Conclusion- The Worst Wedding DJ Services

With the average cost of an engagement ring being $5000 in 2019, couples can’t afford to miss on wedding DJs. Too much is at stake. That’s why you need to be sure your wedding DJ is top-notch. 

If you’re planning a wedding, you must understand the various moving parts. It can be difficult to juggle responsibilities when you’re worried about booking a venue, catering services, and decor. But wedding entertainment is one of the most critical aspects of any wedding. That’s why you can’t afford to hire the worst wedding DJ services. 

By asking the right questions, you can get a feel for your prospective wedding Dj’s style. You can also learn about their experience, which is one of the most telling signs of any wedding DJ. To find the most recommended wedding DJs, you need to look no further than the internet for client testimonials. They will tell you all you need to know. 


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