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Top Cleaning Apps Really Helpful For My Android Phone


The low internal storage and cluttered cache on the phone make the android system work slow or behave sluggishly. After a few months of purchase, most of the android devices face the same issue. However, with a good cleaner app, you may easily overcome this problem.

A high-quality phone cleaner can clean the cache and reclaim the memory space. It may help you to manage all the apps and optimize battery performance. But the main trick is to find the right phone cleaner app that is efficient, powerful, and free.

In this post, we are sharing the best android phone cleaner apps for your Android phone that are not only free but also very effective in cleaning your phone. These apps can improve your smartphone performance and can make it faster and better than before. So, let’s take a look and know what are the best android phone cleaners you may download from the Play Store.

Top 5 Android Phone Cleaner of 2020

Read on to find the best android phone cleaners of 2020 that you must try.

1. Advanced Phone Cleaner

Advanced Phone Cleaner is one of the best android phone cleaner apps that offers powerful cleaning solutions. It is interactive and simple to use. This powerful phone cleaner app includes one-tap features such as Speed Booster, RAM Booster, Battery Booster, Game Booster and Cache and Junk Cleaner.

Notable features of the app:

  • Cleans cache and junk instantly.
  • Anti-malware option offering overall protection against malware.
  • Extends battery life
  • Maintain an adequate temperature of the Android CPU.
  • Extensive features like App Manager, File Manager and Duplicate Phone Cleaner.

2. Droid Optimizer

This amazing android cleaner app allows user to clean their android device within minutes. It declutters your phone and restores phone memory instantly. The app offers a unique ranking system that doesn’t allow you to get bored with this cleaning app. The ranking system keeps you motivated to clean your smartphone by sharing funny pictures and user achievements.

Notable features of the app:

  • Restrict background running apps.
  • Cleans and optimizes the phone.
  • Offer secure private browsing
  • Removes Cache
  • Features App manager to organize installed apps. 
  • Search and delete files quickly.

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3. CCleaner

Developed by Piriform, this cleaner app is very popular for cleaning cache and junk files on PC and smartphone. The app cleans all the junk from the system and offers more speed and storage space. Using the Storage Analyzer feature of the app, you may analyze storage space and optimize your phone. The new features added in the app are Task Killer and App Hibernation that effectively stops the running tasks and apps to boosts RAM speed.

Notable features of the app:

  • In a few clicks optimize your android device.
  • Intuitive and easy to navigate features. 
  • App Status feature to determine the overall impact of the individual apps on the whole device. 
  • Check out the battery level and temperature.
  • Track memory status and RAm storage.

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4. AVG Cleaner

Another amazing android cleaner of the list is AVG Cleaner. It identifies the unnecessary hidden files and cleans them to reclaim storage space. The app also effectively removes all the unimportant data such as residual files, thumbnails, unused APKs etc. The best features of the app are Battery Saver, Smart photo clean up and media and files cleaner. All these features helps you to manage files and organize your apps and media on the phone. 

Notable features of the app:

  •  Find what resources are eating up your battery and optimize it.
  • Select profiles “low battery”, “home”, “work” and “car” to get your battery running the way you want.
  • Clean similar photos
  • Identify and manage video, photos, audio and other files more than 5MB. 
  • Eliminate junk and unwanted cache data.

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5. SD Maid

This cleaner app is a perfect android cleaning solution. The app scans the whole device and alerts you about the unwanted cache and junk files cluttering your phone’s space. It manages all the installed user and system apps and also offers the user an option to remove superfluous files. Moreover, the app runs cleaning tools automatically via widgets or schedule so that you may have a better and improved user experience. 

Notable features of the app:

  • Detect residual files of the uninstalled apps. 
  • Sort files by name, content or date. 
  • Helps to delete duplicate pictures, music or documents or location. 
  • Optimizes database of the phone system.
  • Organize installed apps and bloatware.

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So, these were the top 5 Android Phone Cleaner apps that you may install to get faster and better smartphone performance. All these apps are free to download and also offer premium features for extended protection and cleaning solutions. So, optimize your Android phone and enjoy an enhanced user experience now!



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