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Tips for Creating a Creative and Innovative Packaging Box


The trend of subscription boxes has been increasing rapidly. These days the packaging has the same value or more than the quality of the product. The packaging is the first thing to grab the attention of the customers, after that the product and its quality is considered. The manufacturers can use different types of packaging boxes to portray their products creatively and attractively.

The idea or the concept behind having a subscription box is to make the customers feel exclusive and special. There is an array of aspects to be considered while deciding the packaging box for your product as it will be the true representation of the company and its products.

The size of the subscription box is the main feature to focus one’s attention on, it should be large, enough to fit in all your products, but should not be so large that it would give the impression of being empty once opened. The package should be such that it gives a feel of being customized for that particular product.

It should be presentable, organized, and unique. The manufacturers and the box designers should pay close attention to the detailing of the box. The box should have a theme that represents the company and its products. Once the theme is established then the design, color, and shape should be considered. Your subscription box packaging should be cost-efficient and eye-catching.

Here are some tips to get the best subscription box packaging or your products: –

Choice of Material:

The best approach towards making your custom subscription box packaging unique is the material that is utilized for it. In today’s world, the wise choice of material would be that which can be recycled or disposed of with ease without leaving any carbon footprint or with minimum possible carbon footprints. Thus, it would be advisable to use eco-friendly packaging material which shall make the business sustainable and viable, thus, in tune with the demand of today’s world.

Type of Boxes:

Another aspect to be factored in while constructing a packaging box is the shape and size of the boxes along with the material that is used for fabricating them. There is a large variety of boxes which is available in the market to choose from depending on the product that needs to be packaged.

The choice of the box might seem like an irrelevant detail but it can go a long way in augmenting the attractiveness of the product as well as economizing the cost for the company. Following are the types of boxes which can be considered for packaging: –

Recommended Options –

Mailer Boxes are one of the best options available in the market. They are far more reliable and efficient in comparison to any paperboard box. They provide ample protection and assure the safe delivery of packaged goods.

These types of boxes are extremely popular with e-commerce companies that bank on the sturdiness of their packaging for the optimal delivery of their products. Furthermore, these boxes can be used multiple times i.e. once the product has been delivered, the customer can reuse the box for storage, etc.

Shipping Boxes are a viable option in case the product to be shipped requires extra protection. One special feature of the shipping boxes is that they are corrugated and sustain more wear and tear in comparison to mailer boxes.

One can enhance the appeal of shipping boxes by customizing it with the company’s logo, design, etc. The shipping boxes can be used as a marketing tool once the box is styled per the company’s theme.

Unsuitable Options –

Folding cartons are not ideal for packaging subscription boxes as they are extremely feeble and are not suitable for shipping and wear and tear. These folding cartons are appropriate for lighter goods but cannot bear the burden of heavy products. Thus, one should avoid using folding cartons as far as packaging subscription boxes are concerned.

Padded Bubble Mailers are again not suitable for subscription packaging since they are usually just paper envelopes which have an in-built lining of bubble wrap to provide low to medium protection to documents or clothing items against moisture.

They are a low budget option if the item to be delivered is just clothing material but it will not reflect very well on the level of protection afforded to the goods that are being shipped on the company’s behalf.

Subscription packaging boxes can play an important role in enhancing the image, brand value, and reputation of a company. In today’s world – packaging is the hallmark of marketing; one cannot undermine its importance.

The packaging is as important if not more than the quality of the product which is being supplied. In other words, the subscription packaging box serves as a cue for judging the reliability of a company.


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