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Geese Problem: A perfect solution to this wide spread issue?


Canadian geese are lovely looking birds that can be easily seen roaming in large landscape areas. These birds have the habit of moving in groups and rare will be a chance that you will see a single goose roaming alone.

At first sight, these birds are so charming that no one can move their eyeball out of them but they are the worst nightmare for people who have large lawns and garden areas. These birds just ram the garden, landscape and open areas with their huge droppings.

This is the reason why out of the various varieties of birds out there, people don’t like Canadian Geese and are looking for measures to get rid of them permanently. These stunning looking creatures can mesmerize anybody with their enchanting look however there is a list of reasons why people want to get rid of these birds

As they move in flocks so their dropping is huge which is very irritating to clear afterwards. The problem is that even if you do the hard work and clear their droppings by scaring them away, they will return and create the whole nuisance again.

This is one of the major reasons why these birds are regarded as pests and not birds and why geese removal service is a must for getting rid of them permanently.

The most painful thing which puts a barrier on all the methods that people follow to get rid of these birds from your garden is that fact that these birds have been given a shield by law and any individual cannot use any lethal measure to get rid of these birds. Anyone caught using any lethal measure will be booked under law. Hence you cannot use shotguns, pallets etc.

Cleaning the dropping is excruciating and unsafe to wellbeing too. This dropping is found to contain E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter or Cryptosporidium germs that can cause genuine medical problems to anybody.

Even though this issue has been reported rarely these birds have attacked small pets and kids seeking danger from them.

With so many problems associated with these birds, you may be wondering how to get rid of Canadian geese. Scroll down the article and you will get the best answer to this question.

Challenges that the experts faced:

Experts have investigated every possibility to frighten these birds off the lawn and landscape areas. Different strategies like scarecrows, banners, noisemakers, popguns, noisemakers, sound machines, inflatables, fencing, mylar tapes were utilized yet nothing ended up being a lasting arrangement. These notorious feathered creatures returned after at some point and created the same nuisance again.

The experts realize that the main lasting answer for geese control is to frighten these birds forever from your private lawns, nursery or landscape zone.

A flat out non-conventional technique for wild geese evacuation was formulated which included the utilization of herding dogs that are termed as Border Collies. This strategy ended up as the best solution to this problem.

These Border Collies are raised in England and parts of Scotland and look like wolves in their appearance.

This cycle of Canada goose control requires multiple sessions. The thought is to embed permanent fear in the mind of geese so that they don’t dare to return to the same place.

This technique has ended up being the best answer for this issue and best of all, this strategy is in consistence with the law as it is non-deadly to these birds.

Till date, this is the best solution to the geese problem. What the future cycle will be isn’t known, however, at present, there is no better answer for this widespread problem.

So get in touch with professionals and get a permanent solution and sleep well.

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