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Things You Could do to Cure Pitra Dosh in your Horoscope


Of lately if you are experiencing problems in your life like losses in business or unable to find a suitable match or you are applying for a certain job but unable to get through the interview process despite all your efforts or prolonged disease in your family and you don’t have a valid explanation for it, then in all probabilities, you are suffering from Pitra Dosh in your horoscope.

According to Indian Mythology, Pitra Dosh is considered as a cursed horoscope. People having this curse may suffer from several problems in their life, stripping away all the pleasures. Most of us often get demotivated with such problems and are forced to take drastic steps in life. Indian communities often depend on their horoscopes for all kinds of reasons. Whether you are planning to open a new business or getting married, we often tend to get our horoscopes checked before we take any step. If someone’s horoscope is showing Pitra Dosh, then they might not want to continue with the process. Fortunately, like all other things, there is an option of Pitra Dosh Remedy that can help in curing this curse and overcoming all our problems.

What Exactly is Pitra Dosh?

For someone new to the world of horoscopes, understanding pitra dosh can be difficult. Here is a simple explanation of what does it means and how does it affect our lives.

According to Astrology, Shani, Rahu, and Ketu are demons and bring bad luck to people’s life. If a horoscope shows signs of even one of them or a combination of all the three, it can have serious repercussions in our lives. Usually, Pitra Dosh comes into effect when people don’t follow proper rituals after someone’s death like improper cremation, an unfulfillment of wishes of the deceased member, etc. As per Indian Mythology, there is a certain set of rituals that are required by the family members to perform immediately after the death and every year during the period of Shradh. If someone fails to perform these rituals then they might start suffering from serious effects like premature deaths or disturbance in family, blocked life growth, financial troubles, etc and experience dissatisfaction in every aspect of life. It is believed that the soul keeps wandering in the lives of the family members and pressurize family members to fulfill their wishes. Until Pitra Dosh is resolved, such people would continue to suffer harsh effects.

Pitra Dosh is a strong curse, if not resolved timely, it would keep haunting current members of the family and generations to come.

More Explanation on Pitra Dosh

Our birth chart is built with nine houses, each house representing a planet. Each planet has a role to play in our horoscopes. Certain planets are considered maleficent like Sun, Moon, and Saturn. If these are found in the ninth house of the birth chart, which is the house of the father, then the person is suffering from Pitra Dosh.

Things You Could Do to Lower Down the Effects of Pitra Dosh

The good thing about Indian Mythology is that there are remedies available for all kinds of problems or doshas in our horoscopes. There are certain remedies for Pitra Doshthat you can do yourself, without involving others and some might need the involvement of priests.

General Remedies that you can Perform Yourself

If your horoscope indicates Pitra Dosh, then you can perform these general remedies to lower down the effects: –

• Offer food to Brahmins for 15 days during the month of Shardh. It is believed that the souls of our ancestors visit the family during these 15 days. The god of death offers holiday of15 days during this period so that the souls of our family members can visit during the Shradh ceremonies. Feeding Brahmins can help in getting relief from this dosha. Try to feed one favorite item of the ancestors in the meal.

• Feed ball of rice to cows. According to Indian Mythology, our ancestors take the form of cows to eat the food we offer. Therefore, feeding cows is a good way to get relief from Pitra Dosh.

• Offer milk to Peepal tree one day before Amavasya and Poornima that is the 14th day in a full moon cycle

• You can try putting a handful of rice and put it in the root of the peepal tree. Repeat this process seven times in a day for 41 consecutive days.

• Always light a Diya in front of the photographs of the forefathers. The photographs should be placed on the southernmost wall of the house and all family members should offer their prayers, asking for their blessings.

• Feed dough balls made from Urad lentil flour to black dogs every Saturday.

If even after all these things, you still don’t feel any relief, you can go for Pitra Dosh Puja. During this ritual, the person suffering from Pitra Dosh would offer balls of steamed rice and water to the priest, along with some clothes for ancestors. Ask for their blessings and when the Brahmins bless you, it is considered as the blessing from your ancestors.


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