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Using Custom Poly Bags For Protective Packaging


Regardless of whether you sell on Etsy or own website, products go through storage, transportation, and order fulfillment. These stages expose the products to smudging, bruising, and bumping. While in the warehouse, goods are exposed to dust and potential damage. The use of custom poly bags is a wonderful way to protect your products and brand reputation. These bags keep products organized, clean, and look classier.

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Options For Custom Poly Bags

Clear Peel and Seal

These lightweight bags make it easy to load up and label every product that comes off the production line. This limits exposure time of goods to elements avoiding damage and stains. Large retail outlets need clear peel and seal poly bags for the easy of getting the scope of stock. These bags are also pivotal for small-scale retailers working in a small studio. The peel and seal bags encourage the organization of operations regardless of space with less effort and labor force.

After making the product, it is packaged and ready for delivery to the customer. Branded poly bags give items extra care when placed inside mailers or boxes. You can have the logo placed on the front or center in a pattern of your choice. The bags are available in various sizes including small, medium, large, and extra-large to match items of various weights.

Channel Vacuum Bags

These come in various thickness levels with a combination of nylon and polyethylene for a secure airtight package. When looking forward to packaging with an exceptional air barrier that locks out moisture, get looking for custom poly bag. These bags are FDA approved for food packaging of varying sizes. Be sure to pick vacuum bags that work with the right type of vacuum sealer.

Clear Zip Top

When having to keep little odds and ends including pins and jewelry together, zip bags are necessary. These keep delicate items fresh and dry while ensuring that no tiny piece is lost. Zip top poly bags also hold accessories that need assembly including hooks and crews. These bags are ideal for keeping delicate soft goods including baby clothes, swimsuits, and undies clean. The bags limit dust, dirt, and moisture to keep them fresh. Apart from the sealing that gives a brand new feel, zip top bags showcase items without the need to rip the package open.

Protective Features Of Custom Printed Poly Bags

Simplifies Storage and Packaging

Customers love promotional items that add value to their lives. The same happens for custom poly bags with a company logo. Apart from securing carrying purchases, the bags are used for other purposes. These include carrying items over long distances or for storage. This extends the benefits of the packaging to the customer and the marketing potential of your brand. Customers remember reliable brands that simplify life during tasks like packaging, storage, and transportation. Carrying your custom poly bag to distant places gives your brand free exposure.

Abundant Varieties

A reliable supplier of packaging materials will have poly bags in various options including styles, sizes, and construction material. Poly bags are made from various plastic resins with polyethylene the most popular. Other common variants include:

• Low-Density Polyethylene
• Polyethylene High-Density
• High-Density Polyethylene

Contacting a reputable manufacturer allows selecting from a variety of poly bags including resealable, FDA approved, and anti-static bags. The best thing is having the bags customized with your logo or other business information.

Space For Information

Clear poly bags have enough space for including various details. Apart from the business logo and contacts, there is space to add important product details. These might include safety precautions, user guides, and cleaning requirements. This helps shoppers to understand how to use the product while memorizing your address, working hours, or contact details.


Weight is a very important consideration when shipping items. Luckily, you can use custom printed poly bags without having to worry about increasing the weight of the package. Packaging using custom bags adds weight to your brand without hiking the price of the products. This builds brand reputation to encourage repeat customers and new leads. Additionally, the light-weightiness of the poly bags protects you from hiked shipping costs.


Custom poly bags are extremely durable to keep items intact throughout the shipping process. After removing the item, poly bags remain intact to allow use for other purposes. Keep in mind that your details remain on the bags until the bag wears out. Reusing the bags markets your brand to a wider market. Anyone who looks at the bag remains with a good impression of your business. This free advertising is an extension of the single investment you make to procure custom bags.

Wrapping Up

Everyone retailer should look forward to creating stellar packaging for their products. This requires using a durable and appealing option. Another way to increase value to product packaging is by customizing it with business details. Apart from adding protection to your item, custom poly bags show your brand to the world.


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