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The Hottest Travel Destinations of 2020



The fact that we’re on the verge of a new year makes it the right time to travel now. However, choosing where to travel to may come as a pretty daunting task, given the variety of available travel destinations. Many places have perfect attractions calling out for you, but before you make that choice, ask yourself if the place is worth going to.

We’ve rounded up the top places that we feel will suit you this time of the year. Some of them are the world’s popular destinations where we’ve all dreamt of visiting once. Therefore, it’s safe to be well equipped with the best travel tips before you embark on that journey to your destination of choice.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom ranks high among Europe’s top travel destinations. The Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, all known for their rich cultural heritage and different scenery views. If you want a surreal viewing experience of world-class art galleries, castles, and well maintained country estates, look no further than the UK.

The UK’s city of London, which serves as the country’s all-in-one travel destination, is well connected to other cities with a well-laid transport system. Other cities of Glasgow and Edinburg are also great places for sight-seeing.


You can’t mention Europe’s top travel destinations without the inclusion of France. For many years, many tourists have flocked France as a top holiday destination. This can be attributed to the fact that France has everything. From the snow-covered mountains to the sandy beaches, a visit to France is worth your time.

The country’s arguably best-known tourism spot is its capital of Paris. You’ll be first drawn by the allure of this city of light, thanks to a wide range of attractions from architecture to a romantic image. The iconic Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum are also top sites of attraction that will catch your attention.

South Africa

South Africa is your ultimate travel destination if you’re heading to Africa. Many things make South Africa your top place to visit in 2020. Its variety of tourism attractions includes museums, top national parks, coastlines, and cultural diversities.

South Africa also has top towns and cities that are all known for different reasons. The notable ones include Johannesburg, known for its gold mining history, and Cape town, the country’s mother city, which plays home to Victoria and Alfred Waterfronts.


Italy is best known for its rich conservancy of history. The country prides itself for its top cities of Milan, Rome, Florence, and Venice. Its rolling landscapes, fashion credentials, and sandy beaches make it stand out.

Italy is also well connected to other top countries in Europe. With the best trip support, you can connect and traverse to other European cities easy and safe. When you visit Italy, be keen to tour places such as Baroque fountains in Rome and the Santa Maria Covenant in Milan.

Final Thought

The world has lots of top destinations to tour. No matter where you choose to travel, whether near or far, the most important thing is ensuring you get the best experience.


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