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How Website Speed Affects SEO & Google Rankings


Perhaps you’re trying to build a website or blog that allows you to connect with the world and aid in the expansion of your business. There’s no denying your preference for a fast loading website, as opposed to a slow one.

Well, this is a preference you share with so many people, especially those who understand the importance of website responsiveness to google rankings.While growing your website audience is hardly possible without google search traffic, a fast-running website improves google rankings making your website more noticeable.

That’s why we are here to talk more about website speed and the fact that it’s the critical factor that makes a website more responsive. Top SEO agency such as Los Angeles SEO Inc. understands this well and has specialized in creating websites that are SEO friendly with high google rankings.

Website Speed and How It Impacts SEO

Website speed and SEO may seem to be two different terms and from different domains. However, site speed has been established to impact the google rankings and Search engine optimization directly.

The first and perhaps the most important factor that connects website speed and SEO is how it affects the user experience. In a nutshell, website speed is used to refer to how long you’ll have to wait before the site completely loads.

Google rankings favor websites with faster loading speeds, as they offer visitors a good user experience. However, it’s worth noting that website speed is not the main essence for SEO and google rankings. Other factors play a huge role too.

Therefore, this means you should also pay attention to other factors such as the utilization of Local SEO. Doing this in line with good optimization of your website speed will ensure it achieves a top site ranking status on google.

Website Speed and Bounce Rates

Bouncing off is common, especially if a website has poor page responsiveness. With many options available on the internet, no visitor on your website will have the patience to wait for long before a website loads. Any delay they face as they try to access content on the website will turn them off, resulting in higher bounce rates.

This is even more problematic if they are bouncing off because of a landing page or a website homepage. A landing page is important since it ensures there are conversions, whereas a homepage is the visitor’s access route to the web content. A good website speed will ensure you minimize high bounce rates.

Bounce Rates and their relationship to Conversions

The truth is poor load speeds result in high bounce rates, which means you miss out on conversions. Therefore, the visitors’ intended action on the website will not be completed. Ensuring fast speeds is essential to websites that value high engagements, such as those used in online marketing.

This will ensure high conversion rates, thus allowing visitors to carry on with their intended purpose.


Though Website speed doesn’t directly impact site rankings and SEO, its contribution towards the same cannot be overlooked. A well-optimized website with faster speeds will surely give your site visitors a surreal user experience.


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