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Technologyrental – Tips For Buying High-End Gaming Laptops


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If you plan to purchase gaming laptops, you’ve probably heard a lot of great things about them. Do they need to be upgraded? Do they have to have the best graphics card or the newest processor? These are very important questions that every prospective buyer needs to ask.

For most gaming laptops Intel is a great option. Intel has a long track record of producing high-performing processors that also stay out of the reach of every other manufacturer. If you own an Intel based gaming notebook computer, your machine should be able to run games at high quality for years to come. Here’s some important advice on how to buy your new gaming laptop with Intel.

Get a powerful motherboard:

 Unless you plan to use the laptop as a gaming console, chances are high that you’ll play games from the OS itself. Therefore, you want a motherboard that can fit that usage pattern. One of the latest trends in computing is quad-core processors. They’re extremely powerful, and many OSes now support them. So, if your OS does not currently support quad-core processors, or if you want to get more power, get a powerful motherboard. You’ll be happy you did.

Upgrade to a strong, but affordable, solid state hard drive: Don’t forget to get a powerful, stable, and reliable hard drive for your gaming laptops. If your machine has meager, weak random access memory (RAM), it’s time to upgrade to a higher RAM level. Or, if your machine offers solid state hard drives (SSD), you’d be crazy not to upgrade. SSDs are fast, have high capacity, random access memory, and are incredibly reliable.

Get the best sound card/card pair:

 Sound cards for gaming laptops vary widely in quality, performance, and price. Do you really want to pay so much for a sound card? Invest in a high-end card and make sure it’s compatible with your motherboard. Also check out the manufacturer’s support if you need help setting up and using your sound card and audio card.

Get a powerful graphics card/ram:

 When purchasing a laptop, you definitely want to spend a little extra money to get a powerful graphics card/ram. The difference between a low-end graphics card/ram and a high-end one/ram can be massive. Think about it this way: do you want your gaming notebooks to run slow or broken, or do you want super fast system performance? The answer to this question will determine which laptop/ram you buy. Also, keep in mind that many new games require very powerful graphics cards/rams to run smoothly.

Use a powerful and advanced graphics chip:

There are two main manufacturers when it comes to high-end and advanced graphics chips for gaming laptops. These two companies are ATI and Nvidia. ATI has been around longer than Nvidia, so you might as well consider buying an ATI product.

Don’t forget to include an Intel Processor:

If you’re shopping for gaming laptops, then you might as well look into an Intel processor. An Intel processor has much better compatibility with different operating systems, which will allow you to use multiple operating systems without having to reformat your laptop. Also, some people believe that an Intel graphics controller will give you faster game play. For other laptop parts, you should stick to brands that you know and trust.

Use a Razer Ironclad Keyboard:

 When looking for gaming laptops, don’t forget to check out the Razer Ironclad keyboard. The Ironclad keyboard backlighting is actually an awesome feature that can really improve the response time of your keyboard. This type of lighting can also be turned off and on, which means you can set it to different levels based on what your needs are at the time.

Find Out What Video Cards Is Available:

 Once you know the basic laptop parts you’ll need for your laptop, check out the video cards that come along with the laptops. Some of the most popular video cards right now are the ATI Rage engine, and the Nvidia Optimus. Check out reviews of these cards to see how they fair in gaming. Also, don’t forget to look up the minimum requirements for each game. For example, in World of Warcraft you may not want to spend an extra five dollars on the RAM for it unless it’s going to be necessary. Find out what the recommended requirements are for the games you’re wanting to play on your new laptop, and buy accordingly.

Find Out About Gpu speeds:

 When looking for high-end gaming laptops, don’t overlook checking out the guy (graphics processing unit) speed. Most of the time you’ll see that cards will be sold as part of a series. If you want to save some money, you can always look up the individual cards by their manufacturer and then purchase them individually from there. However, most times you’ll find that purchasing them as part of a series will save you more money. Just make sure to get a card with the exact amount of gigahertz that your computer is capable of, otherwise you might end up spending more money on upgrades down the line.



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