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Gustavo Copelmayer: the key to preservation

Gustavo Copelmayer

All about Gustavo Copelmayer:

Gustavo Copelmayer – Although caring for the earth has been very much in the music for several years, some people still tend to realize the impact of their things. There are many ways that you can make something different, however small, to reduce your carbon footprint.

It can get started at home, at the office, even jogging down the street. Being aware is the response to, although it’s not easy to visualize the environment when you’re on the way to often the grocery store or to pick up your kids. I try to get into a regime wherever I am, and it looks like it works for me.

Gustavo Copelmayer – You may feel it is taking it a bit too perfect, but you begin to think differently when you have kids. It all turns into about them, not you. The future seems much more critical now that you have a vested desire, namely your kids. Guilt is also an emotion that seems to fix itself when you have little ones. Any parent knows that guiltiness makes you take that excess step for your kids and the future.

So when I’m in your house, outside, or at the office, these are the simple steps I choose to use to do my bit for any environment.

At home

  • Please switch off the lights when I leave my family room
  • Unplug all electrical socket at night, leaving appliances with standby uses electricity.
  • Ignore the heating thermostat
  • Close up curtains and blinds
  • Boil enough water regarding my needs.
  • Don’t get away from water running when brushing and flossing teeth.
  • Recycle paper, beers, plastic, clothing using battery power
  • I try to buy groceries having as little packaging as possible.
  • Rinse clothes at the lowest heat
  • Shower instead of a bath to save lots of water and fuel
  • Never waste food
  • Replacing lights with energy savings lights
  • Use rechargeable batteries

Outside the house

  • Throw all rubbish inside the garbage
  • Recycle any beverage cans or bottles

At your workplace

  • I walk every day as opposed to driving (weather permitting) or perhaps a carpool.
  • Print double-sided to save paper
  • Send e-mail instead of memos to save the document.
  • Shutdown computer and disconnect when leaving
  • Switch off just about all lights at the end of the working day time

Gustavo Copelmayer – This may or may not seem intense to you but remember that each tiny step counts. Think of that this way, if we were just about all following these steps, the planet would be a much better place in different options than one. The most important thing is to try out your best.

Our children will reap some benefits in the years to come and, with any luck, practice what we preach with their children. What better legacy of music could you lea

Caring for the environment is a concern for modern society, however, most of the processes we carry out damage this fragile ecosystem, says Gustavo Copelmayer.Encouraging and establishing responsible consumption habits require transparent information models. We need to be responsible consumers, by having a general idea of the industrial and commercial processes involved in the production of the goods and services will help us to have a better understanding and a more objective approach when we buy products and services.

Our purchase’s power is the essential tool that we have in order to force companies to change their behaviours.”“Some useful information to know before buying a product is raw materials used, packaging, and manufacturing processes. Choose the natural; select unpacked items, manufactured close to where you live. That will save energy and help mitigate the pollution. In Addition, avoid acquiring objects that are only used once and then thrown away”, Gustavo Copelmayer recommends.


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