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Tanning Software – How It Can Benefit Your Tanning Salon?


A tanning software solution is an invaluable tool for any tanning salon seeking to expand and grow its business. A tanning salon software can manage and track all aspects of tanning procedures. Some lots can be managed and tracked with the tanning software and you can simply keep track of tons of tanning salon operations without even having to worry about forgetting appointments. A Tanning Studio Software solution has many advantages for salons, but there are some downsides as well, so to decide if this kind of software is right for your tanning salon, it’s essential to know exactly what they are beforehand.

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1.    Tracking of Appointments:

One of the most important things tanning software can do is keep track of appointments. With plenty of software solutions out there, you’ll be able to set up automatic reminders so you never miss an appointment. These days, tanning software can do more than just record appointments, though.

All these details are vital, as you’ll want to know how much time you’ve lost tanning under certain lamps, as well as how you managed to tan without going bankrupt.

2.    Provide Detail and Maintain Record:

As more tanning salons open their doors, competition is stiff and tanning salons must find ways to differentiate themselves from each other. One-way tanning software solutions can do this is by providing them with greater detail when it comes to tanning records. For example, some tanning software will let tanning salons show their customers how many sessions they’ve had, how long their tanning sessions took, and even how many times they changed tanning positions. This information can help tanning salons to improve their tanning services while also increasing their customer satisfaction.

3.    Better Customer Service:

When it comes to customer service, however, there’s little software can do to make sure your customers receive better customer service than you do. If you’re looking to improve customer service at tanning salons, then you need to give them more options when it comes to scheduling appointments. The easiest way to do this is to provide your customers with an automatic appointment reminder. You can set up this feature to send a text message, call, or both whenever a tanning customer needs an appointment. Some Tanning Studio Software packages will also include a mobile scheduler so customers can schedule appointments right from their cell phones.

A great way tanning software can benefit your tanning business is through increased customer service. Customer service isn’t just about being able to follow simple instructions; it’s also about helping your customer feel like you care about them, that you want them to have a good experience when tanning. By automating some of the mundane tasks involved with running a tanning salon, you can increase customer service and make customers feel like their tanning experience is more important than simply getting a tan.

4.    Track Your Tanning Inventory:

Along with scheduling software, tanning software can also help you keep track of your tanning inventory so you know how much tanning supplies you need to supply your tanning salon at any given time. Many tanning salons buy tanning equipment and supplies in bulk because they cost less per tanning session. If you want to take advantage of tanning equipment sales, you must keep track of where all your tanning equipment sits. If you have a large tanning salon, you’ll want to place the larger tanning equipment in storage for the winter months and put it on hand for the summer months. Tanning software will make this process easier than ever before.

5.    Simplify Accounting Related Tasks:

An online tanning management system can also simplify things for you by integrating your tanning software with your accounting software. You can use Wellyx to create reports, keep track of your inventory, and send an order online if you don’t have access to a fax machine or printer. Your tanning studio management system will allow you to send invoices to tanning customers, order tanning supplies, and create reminder messages for tanning sessions scheduled in advance. An online tanning management system is an essential ingredient to successful tanning business management.

6.    Determine the Effective Tanning Practices:

One of the best uses for tanning software is to determine the most effective tanning practices for your tanning salon. Tanning software can help you with this because it will allow you to see how many tanning beds you are using which will give you an accurate number of tanning customers that you need to service. If you’re not keeping up with the tanning bed maintenance in your tanning salon, you could be losing money rather than gaining it. Using Tanning Studio Management Software to monitor your tanning bed costs and your tanning customers will ensure that you’re making the most of your tanning business expenses.


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