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Smartphone Apps To Help You Get Fit This New Year

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Whenever the new year starts many of us begin to come in terms with post-holiday Blues and New Year’s resolutions etc. People decide various things for themselves to do in the new year and get their lives on track or try it at least. Everyone thinks about different things but for the majority of us the most difficult resolutions are often regarding fitness or our health. Healthy eating is the thing everyone should stick to but we often neglect it and that is why fitness stays somewhere behind. With the busy schedules and everyday tasks, we put ourselves back somewhere and do not pay heed to our health. Going to the gym is not an option that everyone can stick to so within the comfort of your homes. Here are some apps that will help you to stay fit.

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This is a fitness track app available in play store or app store of all phones. It gives the record of everything you eat in a day, how many glasses of water you had and what workouts you do. Once you get using this app there is no turning back. You will do all the things yourselves and the app will keep reminding you after giving you the results. If you are looking to lose or gain weight the right thing to do is burn calories or a good exercise routine. The MyFitnessPal app allows users to set a goal, with which you can decide what you have to do to gain or lose weight. The app has a database of foods that lets you know about what you should consume keeping in view whatever you are deciding to do for yourself. It helps you meet your goal and at the end of the day tells you how close you are to achieving it. You can download this app both on the App Store and Google Play so if you are an iOS or Android user you will not be missing anything.

Daily Burn

The Daily Burn is your fantastic option for hitting that New Year’s resolution. You can download it free and use it for a duration of 30 days but you have to pay a monthly fee of 19.95 dollars if you want to continue using it. However, this app helps you stay motivated and tells you about what exercise and diet plan you should follow to reach personal goals and fitness levels. There is a list of workout videos bicep Stretches and programs that you can choose from ranging from cardio exercises to dance and yoga etc. All these things make this up wonderful and you can follow the routine you have been wanting to from a long time.


This app is more into the audio side of things and more like podcasts. There is a wide range of audio based fitness programs in this app with music driven workouts. Ranging from cardio to yoga you can choose any program or podcast you like and start following it. These programs vary in length from 7 minutes to full exercise classes. Aaptiv let’s you listen to the podcasts offline which means that you do not even need Wi-Fi to continue your workout sessions. The downside of this app is that it is not free to download or use. It will cost you almost $14.00 per month or you can always invest in a lifetime membership for a long time. That may cost you $399.99.

Freeletics Bodyweight

The app name itself suggests that it is free to download and free to use. You will only have to follow whatever this app is telling you and Stafford with this. This app has lots of 10 to 30 minute workout plans for which you will not need any equipment. It offers gym classes tailored to suit your personal needs based on your body weight. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or at an advanced level you will stay fit if you use it well.


These are all those apps that will help you stay fit in the new year and achieve your goals. Stay connected and keep following the fitness routine with these apps. Happy fitness!


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