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Samsung Galaxy S21: A Complete Review

Samsung Galaxy S21

Before even the phone has released, you can buy the Samsung Galaxy S 21 right now while a career contract. In the US, one can get the Galaxy S21 with 128 GB of storage for $799. After adding an extra $50 you can get the 256GB model for $849.The price of this phone is $200 cheaper than the Galaxy S20 when it was launched a year ago.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 Cameras:

The Samsung Galaxy S21 camera is exactly the same as Galaxy S20. It has a triple camera array that comprises a main 12 mega pixels wide angle lens, a 12 megapixels ultra-wide lens and a 64-megapixel lens as well that comes with 3x hybrid optics zoom and 30X space zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Design:

When we talk about the front, the Galaxy S21 looks a lot like the Galaxy S20 full so it has 6.2 inches display that comes with a selfie camera right in the top middle of the screen. The preceding phones had curved displays but Galaxy S21 has flat edges. The new phones however do not look quite as sleek as they used to but it’s fine. The curved screen on Android phones with displays under 6.5 inches used to be a little slippery but with a flat screen it becomes a little bit easier. These flat edges then lead to the metal edges that go onto the new contour cut camera design. The rear camera module blends into S21’s back. This metal then gives way to Galaxy S21’s biggest change: a plastic back. As explained by Samsung it is called polycarbonate but it is basically fancy plastic whereas Samsung Galaxy S20 had glass back will stop because Samsung repair opted for a plastic back that is why it is cheaper in price. It might seem odd for a flagship phone to have a plastic bag but it didn’t feel as bad as it sounds. It has a more tactile finish than the Galaxy phones hard with its predecessors. It doesn’t grip or suck up fingerprints. The phone comes in three colors Phantom Gray, Phantom Pink, Phantom White. The Galaxy S21 is a bit smaller but a little heavier than the Galaxy S20.However it has the ideal size and weight for one hand use and small enough that the thumb can reach 2/3 of the display. It has an ultrasonic fingerprint reader that is responsive to QUALCOMM’s new scanner. This makes it 1.7x larger and 50% faster than the previous generation. a hasty tap, and the phone doesn’t reject it.

The Galaxy S21 does not have micro SD card slots. With this feature removed I think they are encouraging people to buy the 265GB version. Along with all these things the free cloud storage services make it easy and there is hardly any issue related to storage.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Display

We can both say that Samsung has upgraded and upgraded The Galaxy S21 6.2 inches AMOLED display. You do not have to choose between a full HD plus resolution for a QHD running at 60 Hertz. The S21 simply tops out at 1080P resolution. The S21 makes it more enjoyable to use the screen in a natural setting. It delivers 109.2% sRGB and 77.4% DCI-P3 color gamut coverage, and a Delta-E of 0.29. Those are good scores, although the iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra beat the S21 in terms of coverage and color accuracy but it cannot be said that this display isn’t good because in practical use the Galaxy S21’s display is fantastic. The display is great for watching videos and movies, scrolling Instagram pics, and playing games on. Samsung has a history of having excellent displays on and the S21 is no exception.


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