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Read a short story about baths in your washroom


It now provides baths in several types, so you can discover the best style for you and your bathroom either to create a comfortable atmosphere with a standing bath or to combine a bath with a shower. They can customize the baths as per the specifications of bathroom space and budget. For example, a straight bath will go with a double-ended bath panel to create an elegant look.      

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Make a sketch

Think about the general layout of your bathroom. Take your requirements into account and choose a style that fits your needs. Make sure you correctly measure space too, as every little count, and double-check your measurements. Make a good sketch on a paper placing area for the basin, toilet, and storage cabinets (if you want any). Make a proper space for your bath or any enclosure you have in your mind. Give some time to allocate the tiny details of the small accessories, including screen, taps, and bath panels. Just keep in mind that every single bath would go with a different panel which can single- or double-ended baths simultaneously. 

Know the specifications 

Straight acrylic and steel baths are a standard option for a new bathroom and are available in different sizes from 1500 mm to 1800 mm in sleek designs. A single- or double-ended bath design may include a straight bath. Double-ended models are great for families with small children since they have plenty of room to wash two young children at a time, and since the taps in the middle are mounted, you can float effortlessly at any end you want. A stone bath is also suitable for a family bathroom as it provides a functional and durable bath solution and lasts several years.

Know the variety available in market 

When your bathroom has an awkward shape, an angled bath can be the best way to get the most out of the area. 

  • A corner bath is an alternative to a straight bath and gives your bathroom a luxurious feeling. Corner baths range from 1200×1200 mm to 1500×1000 mm and in several sizes, some also include a convenient seat. These can again go with the double-ended bath panels at the bottom.    
  • For those that do not have a bathroom with enough space to add a bath and a shower separately, the best option is to choose a steam bath, so you do not have to choose between the two. A bath with a shower is skilfully designed out to create a spacious shower area at one end and does not compromise the space. Two key shower models are available in two lengths, including the famous P and L shaped bath with a capacity of 1500 mm and 1700 mm.  These also have a screen that will protect your bathroom from splashing while you have a shower. 
  • A freestanding bath is a perfect choice for the ultimate touch of luxury. Freestanding baths are available in several sizes and styles from a traditional roll-top to modern designs. You can also experience a soothing spa-like aroma in your bathroom which helps to create a feeling of calmness. Traditional roll-top is perfect for making your bathroom feel natural, but please be mindful they have exposed pipework so be very careful when young children are around it. A slipper bath is suitable to create a stylish sensation and has one end at a degree higher than the other. If you want to make your bathroom feel very contemporary, think about choosing a striking design that will build the wow factor as soon as you go to the room.

These bath types are ideal for soothing your pains and anxiety. Whirlpools pump water through jets that are mounted on the side of the bath, and an air-spa swimmer provides air through jets that are installed at the bottom of the tub.

The buying process

While living in this modern time of online businesses, choose a retailer from the internet. Just google your query, find the results, and compare them on the bases of price and reliability. You can easily find out the customer feedback for their experiences. Likewise, you may search out coupons to get discounts for your selected products. Hence, choose a bathroom store with free home delivery and exchange policy so any damage can get exchanged. Enjoy!


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