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Post Lockdown Tips To Check The Condition Of Your Car


All of us are under global health crises and most of us do not want to step out of our homes. Wearing masks and practice the art of social distancing is the key. In the midst of this, there has been a major change in the way we live and the car appears to be one of them. Once the car is idle for a long period of time before you get it on the roads check with an online car service booking Bangalore Company. They are going to have an answer to all the problems of your car

The brake system

Once you bring out the car on the door after a hiatus the braking system is important to be checked. From the safety point of view of a driver, this is also important. When the car is inside and there is no movement of the brakes it is prone to dust. So once you take the car out check the brake system and alter any parts that are going to need replacement. An indicator of the faulty brake is a screeching sound or vibrations that arise due to fiction.

Fluid levels

There has been a change in the weather conditions with fluctuating temperature levels. Once you live your car idle for a long period of time it is bound to have serious effects. If there is a decrease in the fluid levels it is prone to damage. The moment you find the fluid levels depleting it is better to get in touch with a car service booking in Bangalore centre and check out the fluid levels of your car. It ensures no further damage accrues to your car. Even you can refill at your own end but make sure you comply with the instructions.

Air conditioning

It is important that you keep an eye on the air conditioning system of your car. Though it could sound a bit awkward air conditioning is an important aspect of your car and needs proper care. Not only it is going to provide favourable temperature to the car driver but keeps the car cool from inside. When you leave the car idle for a long period of time dust tends to accumulate where the gas levels might decrease having an impact on the cooling system of the car. After the lockdown ensures that the gas levels are checked properly

Electrical systems

In a car, there are numerous electronic and electrical components. It includes the lighting system, car charges and the light. It is driven by a battery and a component of the electrical components. If you live it idle for a prolonged period of time it could damage electrical components. It is going to cause the starting problem and has an impact on the lights. Keep a check on the battery and once you park for long periods of time disconnect the battery to prevent drainage. By following the above lockdown tips you can ensure optimum condition of your car.


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