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Basic Gear Maintaining Guidelines


Just like every other product, the gears of your machines also require regular maintenance. The gears are used in a variety of machines and are put under a lot of stress and load for the production of torque. With time, the gears start wearing out or face other problems like abrasion, breakage, corrosion and pitting. To avoid these situations to occur, maintain your gears properly. It avoids unnecessary spending of money on their repair when they show signs of breakage. Many gear cutting tools manufacturers help you with the process of maintaining your machines. Every issue either big or small should be handled carefully. Regular maintenance checks and lubrication are an important part of maintaining your machines.

Here are some things that you should look for when conducting maintenance of your gears:

  1. Lubrication

One of the most important things to take care of gear is its lubrication. Many problems are faced if the gear is not lubricated properly. It is necessary for the smooth and quiet functioning of gears. Even high-quality gears are affected by lubrication defects. If a wrong lubricant is chosen or if the lubricant is not applied properly, the gear can lead to premature failure. Lubricants with dust or other contaminants are considered to be harmful to gears. The choice of lubricant largely depends on its rotational and tangential speed. There are different kinds of lubricants for different types of gears, for example, grease lubricants for gears with low speed and splash lubricants for medium and high-speed gears.

  • Wear and tear signs

It is very common for gears to get worn out due to the friction that they are exposed to. Taking your vehicle for service and getting it checked for any signs of wear is one important thing to do. You can lubricate the gears yourself, at regular intervals, to keep them in good shape. Since the flanks in the gears of spur gears are supposed to mesh with another gear, they are more prone to get worn out. So you need to take proper care of them.

  • Broken or chipped gear teeth

To maintain your machine’s efficiency and performance, it is important to replace the gears with broken or chipped teeth. The machine may work without any evident problem with broken gears but its performance will be fairly low. The machine’s life span will keep decreasing with the increased usage of it with broken teeth. To avoid the breakage of the gear, lubricate it properly at regular intervals.

Many gear cutting tools providers are present in the market that also provides regular service to your gears. By taking proper care and maintaining your machine’s gear, you can ensure you’re an uninterrupted service by them. You do not have to worry about taking them to repair shops if they are well-maintained. You can have a look at the list combined by us on how to maintain your gears for its better performance and efficiency.


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