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Pandemic Board Games Amazing Way to Pass the Pandemic

Pandemic Board Games

Pandemic Board Game Review

There is no better way to enjoy your friend’s and family’s company than over an exciting board game. That was the idea behind the creation of the Pandemic board games and we are going to see whether they did justice t such a great idea, keep reading the review.

Over the past year and a half, Covid 19 has changed the way we live. The Pandemic board games collection has managed to mirror that experience and bring it to the board game scene. We are going to do a thorough review of just how good the game is and whether the developers hit a jackpot or if they created something that has already been out there.

The Pandemic games collection was first launched in 2007 but it has gained quite a lot of popularity over the past year. The main reasons for the growth can easily be attributed to the Covid 19 pandemic. These games have a rich storyline that is extremely enjoyable and are astonishingly relatable. There are seven possible characters namely-dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher,operation expert, quarantine specialist and a contingency planner. The game comes with a board that comprises 48 cities on a world map, 4 coloured cubes (that represent diseases) and are 24 each, 2 deck of cards, a pawn for each character and 6 Research stations.

The collection has several games but all of them are linked to the same umbrella theme, which is a pandemic. The game is based on cooperation and requires you to work as a team to fight epidemics and outbreaks.

Inside the game,there are four disease outbreaks in the world that are to be cured and managed by you and a whole team of specialists . There are four diseases i.e four different storylines. This gives the game a lot of replay value and also a lot of intriguing storylines that are both fun as well as interesting to play. The game’s storyline is top notch and you will never regret purchasing the game.

For every story to get to completion, it requires a lot of teamwork. This means you have to go through the whole journey as a team and endure all the hurdles together. Nothing is more pleasing than achieving something working as a team.

Pandemic Board Games Collection Review: Strategy

Although each pandemic in the game collection has a slightly different strategy and storyline, the main thrust of the entire collection is teamwork. Regardless of which pandemic or outbreak you are working on, to be able to complete the game you are going to have to work as a team. Each member of the tea has a special skill they will have to use to fight diseases.

You move tokens across the board and the main also to remove cubes which represent diseases, from cities. If you fail to stop outbreaks, you might end up losing the game. If you fail to control outbreaks and you end up having eight outbreaks, you lose the game. If you also exhaust your deck of cards, you lose. This makes the game very intriguing and also gives it a lot of replay value.

Where To Buy It From?

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Pandemic Board Games Collection Review: Verdict

Pandemic board games have managed to lift the mood during the pandemic and the fact that the game has dozens of spin-offs means you will never run short of entertainment. The game is an overall gem and we can guarantee you will love it.

The game takes board gaming to a next level experience and is the highest rated game of all time in the BoardGameGreek website. This game would be a perfect option if you are willing to create some good memories with your friends and family.


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When was the Pandemic Board games launched?:

The first launch of the Pandemic Board games was in 2007

How many players can play the Pandemic board game?

A maximum number of four players can play the Pandemic games

Do the Pandemic board games have spin-offs?

The Pandemic games have many spin-offs


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