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Ordering in bulk? Get the right size for every order through these tips


There must have been many instances where I stumbled upon asking myself, “what size of T-shirts should I order for my customers?” Trust me when I say this, but a lot of my customers go through the same dilemma when they are ordering in cheapest T-shirts in bulk.

But it doesn’t really matter if you are stocking up on T-shirts for your inventory or getting them in bulk to distribute at your official events and promotions, you will come across a moment where you will feel puzzled about the sizes.

And getting the right sizes should always be on your hit-list, because who would like wearing a T-shirt that is either too big or too small, right? But today, I will take you through a journey of understanding the concepts of purchasing right in bulk, the sizes that you should look into and share my two cents about being an efficient buyer for your business.

So without any further delay, let us begin, shall we?

Skip the guessing – Say yes to definitely!

When you are ordering T-shirts in bulk in different sizes, there are moments where the customers feel like it is a good idea to get T-shirts in each size. While I do not approve this strategy, I advise my customers to survey their clients first and then order T-shirts in sizes they feel they are comfortable in.

Another basic problem with guessing the accurate size for T-shirts is that by ordering up in all the sizes, you end up getting extra T-shirts that will go waste over time. Racking up unnecessary space for your T-shirts decreases your chances of distributing them and ends up getting fazed or damaged.

Another hurdle with ordering all of the sizes is that you would eventually run out of sizes. Let’s just suppose that you ordered 50 T-shirts each in all sizes, but a majority of your customers prefer XL. Would you give them a smaller size than the ones they usually wear, or buy another set of T-shirts in that particular size? Think about it.

Similarly, if you are in a tradeshow event, and you happen to giveaway different sizes for your customers, there is a possibility that they won’t take your merchandise at all. In all of these above described situations, I personally believe both of these strategies are bound to fail and you may end up with an extra inventory, and T-shirt sizes that your customers don’t need.

So, my advise is to thoroughly research your target audience, and decide on a size first. Ordering in bulk is challenging but it gets even worse when you don’t have the right sized T-shirts for your clients and prospects.

Check all the stats, figures, and numbers for the most common sizes

If you are going all guns blazing to create a lasting effect for your business, and want your customers to remember you for a long time, you may want to hand them out the right sized T-shirts. For this, dive deep into facts, figures, and numbers to find out the most appropriate sizes used by the people.

Researches have suggested that in the United States, XXL is the most commonly bought size for apparel. Whereas the most common sizes used by the distributors and customers are medium and large. While our theory suggests that these two sizes are mainly because people buy in bulk and as mentioned earlier, is a grave mistake.

What sizes do we recommend?

At ApparelnBags.com, we looked into various sizes, did extensive research on the best size for your T-shirts and after discussing it with my sales team, we agreed to the fact that you should always go for the larger sizes.

Why do we say this? Because most of the people in the United States prefer wearing larger sized T-shirts. But one striking difference from our research is that in our case, our customers preferred larger sizes as compared to the customers that peferred medium.

Some other things to consider when you order

But irrespective of the fabric you choose, make sure that you buy branded T-shirts and leave the rest to the decoration experts. Get in touch with our sales team today, and get your T-shirts personalized with ApparelnBags.com.



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