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Google Search Console Can Help You to Fix AMP Issues


Google Search Console is an essential service of Google. It allows the webmasters to check the indexing status of all the web pages on their websites. It also allows the webmasters to optimize the visibility of their websites. Till 2015, this service was known under the name of Google Webmaster Tools. After that, Google changed the name of this service by introducing some amazing features. By using the services of Google Search Console, users can get lots of benefits. They can submit and check the sitemap. They can check the indexing status of their web pages. The webmasters can also check the list of the internal and external backlinks and much more. Most importantly, you can also use Google Search Console to fix AMP issues.

Generate AMP Enhancement Report:

To generate AMP enhancement report for your website or a particular web page, you will have to enter the URL of this web page or website in the URL inspection tool. It will provide a list of all the issues that are appearing on the AMP section of the analysis. It also provides you with an opportunity to test these URLs in their live version. In the live version, you will get the issues that are affecting the indexing status of your website. You can get all of these issues in the form of AMP enhancement report. After getting these issues, this tool is also providing an opportunity that you will get email alerts when Google Search Console will detect issues on your website.

List Of AMP Issues:

Google has provided a list of issues that it will detect in your website when you run the AMP test of your website in the Google Search Console. These issues are explained below;

  • First of all, it will detect an issue relevant to content mismatch or missing embedded video. It means that it will show the issue that you have embedded a video on a particular web page but it is missing in the AMP version. You will also get an issue that two URLs are pointing towards the same video.
  • Google Search Console will detect all the images on your website. While detecting all of these images, it will compare these images with the standard version of the AMP images. If some images are smaller than the standard version of the images, it will show an error. To fix this error, you will have to read the guidelines about the recommended size of the images. After uploading larger images by following these guidelines, you can resolve this issue.
  • You can get an issue of AMP page domain mismatch. This kind of issue will not affect the ranking of your website. Anyhow, it can create some problems for mobile viewers.
  • If your website is facing URL not found 404 error, it will also show this error.
  • You will also get an idea about the 5XX errors in your website. The 5XX errors are relevant to the server of your website.
  • You will have to use robots.txt file carefully on your website. If you have not used this file carefully, it can also show the problem of blocked by robots.txt. It will show this kind of error for a specific web page. It means that a specific web page will be blocked by a robots.txt file.
  • Sometimes, your website can face the unspecified crawling error for the specific AMP page. It will also show this problem in this test. If you want to troubleshoot this problem, you can use the URL Inspection tool of Google Search Console.
  • There is also a possibility that the web pages of your website are not AMP web pages. If the web pages of your website are not AMP web pages, it will show an error of ‘The referenced URL is not an AMP’.
  • If you are using AMP version of your website, your website should not reference stand-alone AMP. If your website has this kind of problem, it will show this error in the form of ‘Referenced AMP URL is self-canonical AMP’.
  • It can also show the issue of canonical points to an invalid URL. You can also see an error of amp-story canonical error.

How To Prioritize And Fix AMP Issues?

If you want to prioritize and fix AMP issues, you should follow the following tips as suggested by a dissertation help firm;

  • First of all, you should generate a summary of the AMP page. After generating the summary of the AMP page, you should filter out all the warnings. These issues will be sorted out. First, you should resolve all the issues that are relevant to the bad template of your website. Secondly, you should fix the issues that are unique for each web page.
  • You should find out the spike in the single-page issue in the list. This kind of spike can increase the total number of errors on your website.
  • When Google Search Console will show these errors, it will also show information about the debugging of these errors. You should click on all the errors to find out the information about the pages.
  • You should fix these errors by utilizing this information. After fixing these issues, you should test your fixes. You should make sure that these fixes should be live on the web.
  • After fixing a specific issue, you should move towards the issues table. You should click on this issue and run the validation process. The validation process will take some time. You should wait for some time. After that, you should click on the About Validation button to understand the validation process of this specific issue.
  • You can fix all the AMP-related issues of your website by following this process.
  • After fixing all the errors, you will have to use another filter of warnings. It will show all the warnings. You should also try to remove these warnings.

While removing warnings, you should keep in mind that the AMP pages of your website are indexed with these warnings. You can also show these pages in the Google Search Console. Now, the problem is that you can’t see these pages in all the AMP features. Therefore, you must remove these warnings.


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