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Modern Era, Modern Ways of Passing Time


In ancient times, there was no concept of television and smartphones. People used to pass their time by reading books, listening to granny`s lifetime stories for hours, cooking different types of food; in short, they had a lot much time to be given to their loved ones and to themselves too. Then came the modern era which leads to the invention of the radio in the 1890s by Guglielmo Marconi. Mr. Marconi succeeded in diverted an individual`s attention to a certain degree of attention but usually, it used to get played in the background. The real ‘busy’ time came when television got invented in 1927 by Philo Taylor Farnsworth. There comes the era of rule by Mr. Farnsworth with his unique invention that leads to the engagement of a large number of audience. Initially, the screen used to be black and white but with the advancement and passage of time, it got colored and succeeded in grabbing the entire attention of the families. The time they used to spend in listening to one another started getting utilized in watching shows over television. Television over shed the value of radio, and television rule started. Furthermore, came a time when these colored television boxes turned into smart Televisions with high definition screens and sound, also shrinking the size and shape of the electronic, elegantly packed in Cardboard Boxes to save its elegance up till it reaches its destination. These smart Televisions or LEDs can be seen fixed at main road sidelines as well, running some famous advertisements over them. Smart TVs are also engraved on walls in malls for their promotion, as well as to entertain the public. Initially, they only get to be seen in public places, after some time they started getting targeted in homes too. Now the majority of people are having smart TVs at their homes and old-fashioned televisions are rarely found. Now television is slowly getting overcome by tablets (small, portable electronic, having features of both television and mobile phones)


Journey From Telephone To Smartphone:

Italian pioneer Antonio Meucci is credited with creating the primary essential telephone in 1849, and Frenchman Charles Bourseul concocted a telephone in 1854, Alexander Graham Bell won the first U.S. patent for the gadget in 1876. When in ancient times people had to wait for days to hear from their loved ones or get a piece of news through letters, the invention of the phone came as a blessing to them. Now they could connect with others within no time no matter wherever they were. In the beginning, not every home could afford the telephones hence telephone booths were made where they could come, make a call, pay money as per the length of their call and leave. Little improvisation to it was made with the building up of PCOs where people used to insert amount in the machine, then make a call and as soon as the call exceeds the amount of money inserted, it would cut off. Slowly and gradually telephones started getting targeted in every house. With further modernization, we got mobile phones which became the personal phone of every individual, introducing the feature of chat and call both, totally over shedding the value of letters. Well, this was not it, furthermore, these simple mobile phones turned into smartphones and i-phones containing smarter features such as high definition cameras and audio, more battery time, and storage with bigger screens, internet connectivity, and much more. The famous brands of the smartphone are:


– Samsung

– Apple

– Huawei

– Oppo

– Vivo

– Xiaomi

– LG

– Lenovo


These phones are too diligent to be ill-treated therefore their body is covered with plastic covers of unique designs or pictures printed over them and comes in the market all wrapped in cardboard boxes for their extreme safety and to prevent any sought of damage. The cardboard has a more noteworthy thickness and prevalent toughness or other explicit mechanical credits to paper, for example, foldability, inflexibility, and greater resistance, therefore, it is the best suitable material for smartphones when they come in bulk to be sold out till it reaches to the one who buys it. After unpacking, most of the people keep these Cardboard boxes for multiple purposes rather than throwing away.


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