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How to Use Computer Spy Software?


Do you want to track computers and laptops of your dear ones or staff members? Is their suspicious behavior making your doubtful? Do you think your employees are engaged in illegal doings and can damage your business?

Guardians are worried about their youngsters’ deeds on their computers so, they use the computer spy software to evaluate what they are up to. In this hi-tech world, it’s mandatory to keep an eye on your loved ones’ and staff’s activities.

Currently, teens devote more time to their computers instead of giving time to their studies. It’s right to say that they are dependent on their devices. No matter if it’s morning, noon, or late night, you will see them chatting with their peers on social media platforms.

They also don’t spend time with their parents. This is the reason; parents don’t know what’s occurring in their children’s lives. On the web, all sorts of content are accessible that can be destructive for their personality.

As a parent, if you want to safeguard your kids from potential threats, you can take advantage of the monitoring tool. It helps you secretly and remotely spy on their activities and ensures they are not exploring inappropriate websites.

Why Should You Use the Computer Spyware?

An early indication of potential risks gives you an opportunity to prevent them. The spyware is an influential tool that informs you about all the imminent dangers at the time when your team members, offspring, and youngsters are using their PCs.

Do you feel awkward when you enter in your kid’s room and he quickly shuts down his computer? Maybe he was watching something inappropriate that he should not be? Are you interested in knowing if your employees are sincere with their assigned duties or wasting time chatting with their families on computer systems?

You can supervise your children, teenagers, and spouse’s actions using the most advanced tracking app. It’s an optimum tool for all non-tech-savvy parents and bosses. TheOneSpy is the contemporary surveillance software that permits you to take charge and manage all the activities happening on computers and laptops. It supports you to collect valuable information that can’t be accessed through the naked eye.

Reasons to Use the Computer Spy Tool

User-Friendly Reports

It generates user-friendly reports and presentations that you can easily understand regarding all the deeds done on the targeted computer.

On-Demand Screenshots

It captures screenshots of all the acts your dear ones or employees are performing without letting them know.

Block Websites

You can remotely stop the functionality of any webpage that you think is harmful such as pornography, gambling, or dating sites. You can also get to know about the most visited sites with accurate time and duration.

Fix Alarms

It lets you fix alarms on specific deeds of your family members or workers on the monitored computer.

Stay Invisible

It works in a stealth mode, so you will stay invisible and know what your targeted person is up to.

Online/Offline Monitoring

The computer spyware has the capability to work both offline and online. So, it does not matter if you are using an internet-connected device or not, you can keep an eye on your targeted user.

Real-Time Tracking

You can view what’s occurring on the tracked systems in real-time without missing anything.

Easy to Setup and Use

Simply install the spy tool on the targeted system and start monitoring from a remote locality.

Spy on Exchanged Emails

It empowers you to keep a strict eye on all the sent and received emails to determine their actual purpose.

Monitor Strokes and Mouse Clicks

You can watch all the keystrokes applied on the laptop’s keyboard and mouse-clicks on the computer by your kid or employee.

Know About the Visited Apps

It enables you to see every single action of your workers on the installed apps and programs which you have marked as productive and unproductive.

Top Categories

With the computer spy software, it’s easier to differentiate websites and programs as productive and unproductive.


Perform legal supervision of kids and employees to monitor their online acts and protect your business’s secrets with computer spy software.  



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