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Long Layered Hairstyles & Haircuts For 2021


Long layered hair
Despite looking simple, long layered hairstyles look beautiful. If you are blessed with long hair but don’t know how to style it, you have reached the perfect place. But, unfortunately, long layered hair is not something that everyone can achieve. Some people cannot grow their hair above their genetic length, others suffer from brittleness, and long hair may often be a burden since it’s heavy.
Do you have hair that is flat, thick, or dull? The answer can be layered hair. As opposed to blunt cuts, a layered hairstyle gives your hair form, movement, and dimension while framing and complementing your face. They are good for all hair types and can even enhance the color of your hair. Continue reading to discover the ideal long layered hairstyle for your next hair makeover. Layered hairstyles are the greatest option because you can grow your hair to incredible lengths without the heaviness that comes with so much hair and at the same time make it look stylish.
Here is a compilation of the most gorgeous, eye-catching long, layered hairstyles for your inspiration and crowning glory.
Multi-Layered Mix

Curled multi layered hair
This is the ultimate hairstyle goal for any lady with long hair who wants a sleek, stylish cut with body and movement. The secret element is the layering process. Keep in mind that the smallest layers are merely there to frame the face; most layers are mid-length.
Straight Long Layered Hair
Long straight layered hair
Layered hair is a terrific method to give long straight hair form, dimension, and movement. The layers add structure to your hair, ensuring that it flatters your face shape rather than dragging it down. Simultaneously, they can help your straight hair appear thicker and healthier while maintaining its natural sleekness. add in some spritz shine spray and achieve a sleek shiny hair.
Mid-Back Brown U-Cut with Swoopy Layers

Gorgeous u-cut layered hair
Thickness and density are highlighted with a blunt, long-length U-shaped cut. Long layered hair makes your hair look polished and sleek, while shorter, jagged sections add body and texture. It is a lovely haircut and hairstyle suggestion you can make to your stylist at your next appointment.
Wavy Long Layered Hair

Long wavy layered hair
Layers are a fantastic alternative for wavy hair because they enhance this hair type’s natural movement and bounce. Wavy long layered hair is quite popular. Frame and balance your face shape with the waves in your hair. Cutting layers helps your stylist create a more structured and attractive style. wavy long layered hair is a great choice, if you want to soften a strong jawline or make your face look more poised.
Hair With Curls And Layers

Curly layered hair
Layered hair is most evident on straight and wavy hair, but they are also a terrific option for women who have naturally curly hair. The structure layers add the main benefit. Vertically cut layers, rather than a dense mass of curls, serve to shape your hair and keep it from seeming boxy or bottom heavy. To keep your hair from looking heavy, stylists frequently cut the shorter layers around your face and angle them down.
Long Afro Haircut With Layers

Long afro curls
Long layered hair works well with afro-textured hair because they help create structure and shape, especially if your natural kinks and coils are dense. Frequently layer toward the crown of the head, instead of layering toward the bottom of the hair, stylists. The layered hair helps boost the natural volume of the Afro-textured hairstyle and gives it a lift, keeping it from appearing weighed down or heavy.
Thin Fine Hair Layered Cut

Thin layered hair
Layered haircuts and styles are frequently thought to be essential for fine-haired women. Layers add volume and thickness to thin hair. They also add structure and texture to the hair, preventing it from falling flat and limp. Try a mid-length cut with long layers that start just below your chin if your hair is fine and thin.
Long Thick Hair Layered Hairstyle

Thick layered hair
Layers are adaptable since they provide the illusion of more fullness on thin, fine hair. They assist in shaping thick hair and remove its dense, weighty appearance on thick hair. A layered haircut with side bangs, soft waves, and highlights is ideal for people with naturally thick hair. The overall effect is more balanced, soft, and attractive, and your hair will no longer appear boxy.
Layers For Face Framing

Face framing hair with curtain bangs
Face-framing layers resemble long side bangs or curtain bangs in appearance. Facial-framing layers may balance your features and attract focus to your eyes and lips regardless of your face shape or hair type. Longer face-framing layers are suggested for oval face shapes, whereas mid-length layers that fall away from the face rather than curving inwards are advised for heart-shaped faces.
Bangs On Long Layered Hair

Long layered hair with cute bangs
The ideal flattering haircut is long layered hair with bangs because all of the aspects work together to create a gorgeous frame for your face. On-trend curtain bangs merge smoothly into a layered hairstyle – especially if you add soft, feathery ends – while fringes go with all types of long hair. It is a great method to give a round face more length and structure or give a square face a softer aspect. Use toppers, closures and frontals for that extra oomph in your hair and slay the look like never before.
Hair With Long Layers And Side Bangs

Side bangs on a long layered hair
Long layered hair with side bangs is a beautiful appearance that suits various facial shapes, including round, square, and oval. It also works great if you have naturally thick hair. Long layered hair with side bangs is a low-maintenance look ideal for individuals who do not want to spend hours grooming their hair and prefer a textured, beachy feeling with a little throwback feel.
Long Hair With Shabby Layers

Shabby long layered hair
The shag is back, and it is better than ever when you flaunt it with layered hair. If you are not quite ready to go all out with this rocker look, impart a touch of cool attitude with shaggy layers. These layers offer the same choppy, textured look like a shag haircut, but they are less time-consuming. It is a win-win situation because you won’t have to give up any length, and you’ll be able to keep your lovely long locks with this hairstyle.
Add volume and chicness to long hair with these long layered hair ideas that allow for styling flexibility. Discover the magical powers of layering and slay the layered hairstyle with confidence!


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