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Iyurved is Something Beyond Conventional Beginning!


We try nothing but the best for our children. Healthy food for kids is a matter of great concern. A strong foundation builds a strong building. Similarly, a nutritious beginning for the kids ensures their healthy future. Mothers wish to give their fussy eaters nutritious food for the proper development of their organs and immunity. Including all nutritious elements in a meal becomes challenging for the mothers. They require a one-stop solution to their problems. The science of nutrition is nurtured with a mother’s affection and transformed into a magical solution, evaluated by some trained experts. The amalgamation of science and affection enhances the holistic development of the child.

Childhood days are the best yet important. This is the time for physical as well as mental development. It is important to give proper nutrition for brain development. Besides brain development, immunity plays an important role. The importance of immunity has been well understood during the pandemic. This has led to more improvisations in the edible elements.

Some Words on Functional Foods

Pharmaceuticals are synthetic drugs that cure diseases. There is another similar word called neutraceuticals. These are the foods or supplements that are functional in nature. These are the fortified foods associated with several health benefits. The benefits are the development of immunity, compensating for nutritional deficiencies, and enhance growth and development.

The concept of functional food is to explore the hidden nutrition found disguised in natural foods. Additional nutritional elements are added to the functional foods to increase their nutritional value. Nothing is compared to the satisfaction of getting all nutrition assimilated in a small capsule.

Importance of Functional Food Supplements for Kids:

  • Most children are fussy eaters. The dilemma of the mothers is about providing the right nutrition in the right quantity. The children till the age of 2 years are in dire need of DHA for brain development. They need the right amount of protein and carbohydrates simultaneously for their metabolic and body development. Instead of feeding the child over the limits, one can opt for delivering the right nutrition using a single functional food supplement in a compact form.
  • Children do not develop much attraction for nutritious foods like fish, vegetables, etc. However, to provide them with essential nutrition, special functional food supplements are a must. It also comes cost-effectively. Getting the right nutrition is now hassle-free.
  • Fortified functional foods like golden rice provide an adequate amount of vitamin A required for proper eyesight development in kids. The traditional lotus seeds can form healthy snacks for kids. This combines taste with tradition. These are functional foods that deliver several health benefits for kids.
  • Neutraceuticals has become a boon for working mothers. Less time is spent thinking about the child’s nutrition. Some special products are there that work wonders. A tasty chocolate spread can solve the dietary issue in kids. Enhanced with multivitamins and other nutritional elements, this is an effective daily dose of nutrition.
  • Pre atta mix fortified with the goodness of multigrain provides adequate fibres. They also provide ample vitamins, minerals, and nutrition to the kids in a tasty and unconventional way.

So Why Iyurved? Iyurved aims to solve the dilemmas of working motherswith their healthy snacks for kids.They help in providing the required nutrition to their child. Iyurved’s products are the ultimate solution to all the nutritional questions. Choose Iyurved for your kids and give them a bright future. Iyurved with their experienced professionals amalgamates nutrition with emotions.


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