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How To Dress Up Kids For A Day On The Beach


Your kids deserve to look as stylish and adorable as they can be. As you plan your day at the beach for the summer holiday, you ought to plan their wardrobe according to their needs to ensure they’re warm and comfortable.

The sunshine may tempt you to let them stay exposed throughout but UV rays can hurt their sensitive skin.  Plan to dress your little angels in classic children clothing to reflect the joy, radiance, and fun that comes with the summer sun.

1. Swimsuit

Summer without swimming is a swindle!  Shop for fascinating boys swimwear that allows them to be comfortable as they take their swimming lessons. Dress them in swim trunks, rash guards, and beachwear ideal for splashing.

To achieve a polished look, dress them in a matching two-piece swimsuit that comes with a Tee and pair of shorts. Boys too love colors and can look excellent in happy colors like blue, orange, and yellow. Surfer suits would also be most appropriate if your young ones adore this water game.

A pair of shorts with an elastic waist allows the young ones to secure the fit. The extra coverage protects their skin from the sand, surf keeping them warm when the weather becomes cool.

Ensure the swimwear is soft to touch and stretchy for comfort.  Check for itchy appliques that may cause chaffing to the kids.

2. Cover-ups

Cover-ups are ideal for stopping UV rays. Once you’re done shopping for the appropriate swimsuit gear, you can finish off with coordinating swim covers. Think of hoodies, water shoes, summer shoes, and water sandals.

Other ideal options include sneakers and boat shoes. If you’ll be making frequent trips in and out of the car, you can opt for sandals or flip-flops. Most sandals are durable, comfortable allowing the kids to play, and run about the beach.

Protect their skin with a hooded beach cotton towel. This allows you to throw it in an instant to keep strong UV rays from causing sunburns.  Pamper your girls with a terry-cloth and brightly colored hoodie cover-up.  Look for contrasting or matching girls swimwear that ensure comfort and protection.

Dark colors are the best for blocking the sun rays. So, keep your choice free from light shades such as pink, or white. Other cover-ups outfits such as baby girl dresses, loose terry pants, lightweight cotton tees, and cover-up dresses make excellent choices. A cute absorbent beach towel is the perfect companion for your little angels’ summer swimsuit.

3.  Sunscreen, and sunglasses

There are several sunscreens available in the market and choosing the appropriate one can be tricky. As you plan for your beach activities, it is crucial to determine how well it protects from UV rays. Check the label for the following type of sunscreen:

·         Has Sun Protection Factor of 30 and above

·         Protects against UltraViolet Rays (UV) UVB ( a broad-spectrum sunscreen)

·         Has water-resistant properties to safeguard their sensitive skin while in the water

Sunscreen comes in different forms: creams, sticks, gel, and sprays. If your young ones have dry skin, opt for creams because it sticks around the eye area. Gels are the ideal choice to protect the hair.

A wide-brimmed sun hat is not enough to protect the eyes. As such, you need to look for fitting sunglasses with 100% UV and UVB protection.

The summer sun is the perfect invitation for families to stay and play at the beach. Keep your kids comfortable, classy, and protected by choosing the most appropriate beachwear.


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