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5 Tips To Expand Your Photography Skill-Set


Photography is a fascinating form of art.  It’s easier to learn photography today than it was a few years ago. This is because smartphones use some features found in cameras. Despite the similarity though, it is critical to learn professional photography.

Now that you’re so excited about your new love in photography, let’s get into the basics things to know.

1. Shooting in manual mode

You’ll soon become a proficient photographer if you start from known then proceed to the unknown. Most beginners shoot their initial pieces in the standard or auto icon mode. To grow, you need to learn how to shoot in manual mode.  The process is as simple as these steps:

·         Confirm the exposure of your shot using the light meter through the viewfinder

·         Pick your preferred aperture

·         Adjust the shutter speed depending on the kind of piece you want

·         Select the ISO setting you desire

·         When the light meter is aligned with the “O”, your image is properly exposed

·         Click the button to capture the shot

2. The rule of thirds

The rule of third is one of the golden rules in photography. It helps you to capture eye-catching pictures by using rules of composition.

This rule allows you to experience the wow factor in your photographs. Use your imagination to draw two horizontal lying lines and another set of vertical lines across the image. This will result in nine even squares.

By placing the object off-center at any intersecting points, you can create an aesthetically composed piece.However, some photos will look better when the focal point is in the center square.

3. Embrace grid photography

Add a dramatic feel to your photos by learning grid photography. One light modifier can cause a significant impact on the end product.

Whereas there are several ways of using external lights, a grid is most preferred for quality photos.A grid is a metal insert made in the form of a honeycomb. It helps a photographer to control the amount and quality of light on a set.

As you alter the amount of light penetrating on set, the light coverage improves and changes the shadows.

4. The power of lighting

Light creates the mood of an image. However, dramatic lighting can make the photo jump off the page, quite literally. It gives your piece a remarkable impression. Lighting creates interest, contrast, mood helping you to capture attention-grabbing photos.

Dramatic lighting has three features namely: full of contrast, hard light, and patterned light.  Hard light has a minimal transition between the dark and bright areas of the photo. On the other hand, patterned light allows you to focus on one region of the photo piece while reducing the focus on other parts.

Finally, full of focus allows you to explore the power of both dark and bright areas in the photo. Consider dramatic black and white photos that feature a perfect balance of the contrasting tones.

5. Take control of the focus

In most situations, the central focus point produces sharp images. However, to be more creative, you need to take control of the focus point. The point you choose will be sharp. Therefore, set your camera in single-point focus mode. Ignore the automatic or multiple focus modes.

Parting Shot

Learning how to take unique photographs takes interest and practice. These five tips should help you get started in photography. Have fun while at it because sentimental moments never last more than a second!


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