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How to choose the right dining table

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If you want to redecorate your current house or build a new home, you need to keep many things in mind. Hence, you must choose pieces of furniture that suit your personality, fulfil your need, and match your house decoration.

Remember that the dining table is that crucial for the dining room. The dining room is where friends, family, and guests meet to chat and enjoy homemade food. You can do your work and study at the dining table. Wooden dining table is the best choice when we talk about dining tables. Let’s see all available choices for the dining table.

According dining table shape, size & colour

Selecting the shape of the dining table depends on you. Circular, Oval, and Rectangle are the shapes available in the market.

The circular table is ideal in a square size dining room. It’s the reason it gives lots of space to move around your dining table set. The oval shape table is suitable for a rectangular and large room. The table’s roundness balances the corner of the rectangular room. It also offers more space related to a circular shape table.

Most of the family love rectangular shape tables. You can generally fit six chairs around it. They should be a least 36 inches wide, so everyone gets enough space for eating food.

The dining table size depends on how many members in the family. A couple living in a rented apartment or a student staying in pg, may shift their house frequently, so a 2-Seater table is a good option for them. The 4-Seater table is ideal for three people families. In comparison, the 6-Seater table is excellent for four people families. We suggested an 8, 10, or 12-seater table for a large family according to their family size and guests that you can host.

There is a perfect colour combination of red, green, or blue primary colour; it matches with most interior. These colors have great staying power. However, you can select the colour according to your dining room decoration and interior designing.

According dining table material

The table may have a modernistic design that is created with different materials. Here is the list of some of the famous table materials as below:

  • Wooden dining table is the traditional still popular style dining table. Wood gives you choices, and that can be softwood, hardwood, or composite wood.
  • Your dining room will help from a feeling of openness, airy, modern and elegant with a glass table. Glass table gives a modern look. On the other hand, it is also simple to clean.
  • Metal is hard and tough. Also, it is modern, stainproof, and fresh to the touch. If your dining space is professional, a metal dining set can be perfect for it.
  • Marble offers a fantastic visual as part of a white or black dining table. Today, marble is a popular material for luxurious dining tables. Marble is also strong and has an elegant tone. Marble is also simple to clean.
  • The laminate dining set gives you a wide range of styles and budgets. Laminate tables have extra layers of elements like high-impact melamine, PVC, and some wood grain finish.

I hope the dining table selection helps you to choose the best dining table for you.


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