Deciding the total cost and quantity of the material is the most essential part of estimation in any construction project. Takeoff provides the best approximate idea of what quantity and cost are going to be utilized on the project under consideration. Before the advancement in technology takeoffs were performed manually which is quite a time-consuming process and requires a lot of skills. With the innovations in modern-day technology takeoffs become a lot easier, by using takeoff software’s one can analyze the material and its cost easily in a short time. Some of the advantages of using software’s for material takeoff services are given below.

Advantages of using material and quantity takeoff Services:

  1. Improves Productivity & Efficiency
  2. Simple Calculation
  3. Deliver Accurate Bids
  4. Enable better collaboration.

Improves Productivity & Efficiency:

When you are using software for takeoffs instead of manual performance you will get reliability in performing repeated tasks. As we know the machine can perform repeated tasks way better than humans. The software will allow you to perform your Quantity Takeoff Services a lot much faster which will enhance your productivity and efficiency. Using software for your takeoffs is a much easier and quite enjoyable task.

On the other hand, if you are performing the material takeoff manually it can take days for its fulfilment. The time that is saved from the digitization of this process can be served in a much more productive way.

Simple Calculation:

As we are well aware of the complexity of maths and know better that every human is not skilled much in this trade, to perform takeoffs manually is a tough task. With the arrival of software, the process becomes a lot easier. Moreover, checking and rechecking is also not a big deal. The software just demands material from the design and will generate the exact quantity and cost of the required material.

Deliver Accurate Bids:

The bid winning ratio is directly proportional to the estimates and your estimates are totally dependent upon your takeoffs. Better takeoffs will allow you to generate better estimates and will definitely increase your bid winning ratio. If the takeoff is performed manually there are positive chances of human errors which is an unwanted thing in bids.

With the software, takeoffs will result better, and nothing will be left out. Exact quantity takeoffs will lead you to better estimates and your bid will become more profitable.

Enable better Collaboration:

One of the most significant plus points of the takeoffs is the collaboration of workers from different trades on the same project. The collaboration will enhance the speed and productivity of the work. The alliance of different teams during takeoffs will be directed towards better estimates and more accurate bids.

The right software for takeoffs will bring simplicity to your project. The Construction Takeoff software will allow tracking the cost of the job and the project management module of this software will allow you to keep the tracks of all the teams working on a similar project.


The above discussion concludes that manual takeoffs are way more difficult and time-consuming. While on the other hand takeoffs that are performed with the software are a lot smoother and more efficient. There are a lot of softwares in the market for takeoffs, Choosing the right one is up to you will allow you to have a lot more profitable bid.


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