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How Much Does it Cost to Replace an iPhone Screen in 2021?

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Getting your screen cracked isn’t a big deal these days. People face it everyday because the use of smartphones has increased rapidly. If you have dropped your iPhone and your screen is crap, stop berating yourself for dropping it. After all, sadness will not fix your screen. You will need to hand it over to someone who can replace it properly and then start using your smartphone normally.

There is a price guide that usually covers most of the areas to help you cover the cell phone repair costs.

  1. iPhone Screen Repair Costs
  2. Apple iPhone Screen Repair Costs
  3. Third-party iPhone Screen Repair Costs
  4. DIY Kits iPhone Screen Repair Costs
  5. Computer & Phone Repair Technicians

In order to get your phone fixed, you should know your Apple ID and password and stay ready to back up your phone before you give it to anyone for repair.

iPhone Screen Repair Cost

The screen and LCD display of an iPhone are fused together. This is highly unlikely that you can have your glass repaired without having the LCD display repaired as well. Explained below are the costs research the well, from around the country to fix screen glass or LCD.

3rd Party Repair Company Costs

  • iPhone 8 Plus $90/ $140
  • iPhone 8 $90/ $130
  • iPhone 7 Plus $90/ $130
  • iPhone 7 $90/ $110
  • iPhone 6S Plus $90
  • iPhone 6S $70/ $90
  • iPhone 6 Plus $80
  • iPhone 6 $70/ $80
  • iPhone 5 5C 5S $60
  • iPhone 4 4S $50

Apple Repair Center Cost (Out of Warranty)

  • iPhone XS Max $329
  • iPhone XS, X $279
  • iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus $169
  • iPhone 8, 7 $149
  • iPhone 6s Plus $169
  • iPhone 6s $149
  • iPhone 6 Plus $149
  • iPhone 6 $129
  • iPhone SE, 5s, 5c, 5 $129
  • iPhone 4s $199

DIY Repair Kits

For iPhone 5–7 Plus

  • iCracked kit $50–$80
  • DIYMobileRepair Toolkit $35
  • Screen $15–140
  • IFIXIT $45–$8

Apple’s iPhone Warranty

If you have an Apple store near you then you should know that Apple’s surface is wonderful. You can book your appointment anytime and get your smart phone fixed. However you should know that the warranty will not cover dropping your phone. But if your smart phone isn’t working because of an accident the warranty will look at the seriousness of the situation and then let you know about the fixture of your smartphone. You can always pay and get it repaired by an authorized Apple center instead of going to a local party. Apple will examine your proof and provide you with the best services.

However, if your phone isn’t working because of an accident (you dropped it/your girlfriend threw it at you/your puppy thought it looked tasty), the warranty won’t cover the cost to repair it.

Check your purchase date

If your circumstances qualify you to use the warranty, you should still check your purchase date. If you didn’t register your phone when you bought it you will not be able to use the warranty. This is because Apple verifiers and if there is no official record of the purchase then they do not provide you with any services.

Out of warranty repair

There is an out of ready service that Apple offers but you will have to pay a lump sum amount in order to get your phone fixed. However there will be no confusion regarding the services.

If you have just bought your smartphone and you have a history with dropping your phone the best option is to get an Apple care plus plan. They provide you with theft and last extended coverage and you will not have to go anyplace else in order to get your phone fixed.

Apple iPhone Screen Repair Costs

 Your smart phone is out of warranty, Apple charges you want $129 for older phones and prices go up to $329 for brand new models. You will have to have your ID and proof of purchase of your smartphone if you are getting your phone repaired out of warranty. You can either walk in the store or send in your phone via mailing services to get your phone repaired.

Third Party iPhone Screen Repair Costs

As a user of you will no longer have any warranty or partial warranty. If all your warranties have run out then certainly you do not have any other option and a third-party service can be extremely helpful. The average cost ranges from $80.00 to $140.00 for screen repair.

The repair expert’s can examine your phone for free sometimes and let you know about the costs of it. They will give you a time in which you can come and take your smartphone from them. Most of the services are quick and they do not take much time however if the damage is great then it will take a day or two. All of this depends on how much work your iPhone needs in order to function again. Most of the third party repair shops also give you over our warranty on their repair work so that you can come unclaim within three days whatever is wrong.

DIY iPhone screen repair:

You also have the option of repairing your screen yourself. There are a number of videos online and manuals that can guide you if you do not have the budget To get your phone fixed from elsewhere. You can simply buy a screen repair kit, go through the manual or watch a video and repair it yourself. However it is not suggested that you repair your phone on your own. It is always good to take your phone to a good repairer who is expert in what he does.

In summary, if you have the warranty, you should always take your smartphone to an authorized Apple repair center. If it’s not in validity then it is recommended that you meet a technician who is expert and do not try to open your phone on your own as it can cause a lot of damage.


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