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How Experts Are Making Advancements in Clean Energy

How Experts Are Making Advancements in Clean Energy

We’re all aware of the facts—oil, coal, and wood aren’t going to sustain our energy needs for much longer. The race for clean energy in the past decade has resulted in advancements in renewable energy sources worldwide. 

From harnessing energy from the sun to capturing energy from waves in the ocean, there’s no shortage of clean energy ideas. New ideas for energy sources and how to use those energy sources are constantly evolving. 

Keep reading to learn more about how clean energy experts have advanced this important scientific field in recent years. 

Who Is Leading Clean Energy Advancements? 

Certain people are leading the charge, informing renewable energy sources. We often hear about these influential people, such as Hayes Barnard and Elon Musk. Some politicians are also pushing for energy corporations to come up with more sustainable solutions. 

Even though it’s up to experts to create and execute clean energy sources, we won’t see those advancements implemented unless consumers get serious about asking for clean energy options. 

Advancements in Solar Energy

Perhaps the most well-known source of clean energy is the sun. While solar power began as a way to power small-scale tools, today, solar energy contributes just short of 7% of all U.S. electric power. Many people have personal solar panels that power their homes and electric cars. 

The U.S. Air Force has plans to build a spaceship that will harness the sun’s energy and project it back to Earth from space, where there are no clouds to hinder energy input. 

Even though these projects seem far in the future, they act as evidence that society moves closer and closer to an all clean energy grid. 

Wind Power and Wave Power

Utilizing the wind to generate electricity is one of the oldest energy generating methods. Out of all the clean energy sources, wind turbines generate the largest percentage of electricity on the U.S. grid. 

As new technology evolves, advancements to wind turbines mean they can generate even more power than ever before. 

Like wind turbines, underwater turbines capture the energy of waves in the ocean, which are naturally powered by the wind. This technology is newer than harnessing wind power, and it has the potential to be an even more powerful clean energy source. 

Clean Energy Storage

As demand for clean energy increases, the need to store that energy also increases. Lithium batteries are most commonly used for home and business energy storage.

New technology for energy storage is on the horizon. Silicon energy banks for solar storing solar power could be the future of solar energy backups. 

The more renewable sources become commonplace, the more energy we’ll need to store. 

The Future of Clean Energy

Experts lead the way in advancing clean energy sources. As nonrenewable resources become more and more problematic to the environment, consumers continue to ask for a better option. 

As we can see, advancements for solar, wind, and wave power could be the future of powering the world’s energy grid, and clean energy will power 100% of our electric needs within the next century. To help lower your carbon emissions, the best electrical company Fort Worth enables you to enroll in a 100% renewable energy plan at rates that are lower than those of many conventional fossil-fuel plans.

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