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Crucial Decisions to Keep in Mind with Your Framing Options


If you are looking for a guide on customizing and framing your canvas print, you have come across the best piece! Framing a stunning canvas art is an essential step in enhancing your abode’s beauty and making it look even better. When we select a frame, we want the frame to highlight the canvas art’s beauty, rather than hiding it. Therefore, you need to know every detail about the print size, border style, and shape when you decide to frame canvas photo prints

Gone are the times when we went to get our pictures framed at the local framing shop. Now it is more convenient to customize a canvas print online and frame it according to the wide range of options available online. Ensure that you are aware of all the possibilities to choose the perfect frame for your print photo on canvas.

Let us take a look at the ways how we can customize and frame our canvas art.

Guide to Customize a Canvas Art Print

Whether you are printing a canvas painting with a printer or arranging a canvas that you will frame later, there are certain guidelines that you need to maintain. 

  • Image Quality

When exporting a picture from editing software like Photoshop, you must make sure the DPI (Dots Per Inch) is near somewhere 300. For a printed image, the DPI is a necessary element determining the quality of the printed image. Also, printed pictures come out well in a high number of pixels. 

For printing a digital photo, you should keep a check on the image resolution to ensure the printed picture’s quality comes out well. Apart from that, try to keep the image as high-quality as possible for the best results. 

  • File Type

JPGs/JPEGs and PNGs are the most common image formats and should print perfectly. Other picture file types such as PDF and PDF are a little tricky to print. 

  • Print Size

Depending on the size you want your canvas image to be, you should choose the aspect ratio accordingly. Selecting the correct aspect ratio is vital as if it goes wrong, it might leave you with an image that is cut off at the ends or which looks too stretched. 

You can get the correct aspect ratio of your preferred canvas image by using photo editing software such as Photoshop, Gimp, Photoscape, and so on. They have the tools to automatically adjust your photo’s width and height to the dimension that looks the most appropriate.

Guidelines on How to Choose a Perfect Frame

Post the printing process; we are left with the framing aspect. Remember, framing is like the finishing touch to our masterpiece. Therefore, the aim should be to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the framing.

You might have seen a stunning brown mat framed picture at your neighbor’s house; it does not mean the same frame is supposed to look good on your image. The frame should complement and enhance the art’s look rather than attract all the eyes to itself. 

Especially while trying to frame pictures with multiple elements like collage canvas prints, you should stick to the simple and minimalistic frames. Simple framing styles help enunciate the beauty of the art to make it look even better. 

Let us look at the type of frames for your canvas print that we can choose.

  • Modern Metal Frame

As the name aptly describes, modern metals are the type of frames that are polished and look very classy. They come in colors such as silver and gold that look great with abstract canvas art. 

  • Mixed Metal Frame

These frames are made up of more than one metal and come in various colors. As the frame’s material consists of mixed metals, they are great for both rustic and modern households. 

The look of these frames is very fusion in nature and can look great in any surrounding. It mostly comes with an angled metallic face that is great for modern art and canvas images. 

  • Maple Wood Frame

Maple wood frames look gorgeous and have a shiny, smooth finish to make all the guests turn their heads around. The colors in which maple wood frames are available are white, natural, and black. These frames suit more of the urban interiors for their flawless finish. 

The smooth finish of this framing is a good choice for modern-day art and painting. It looks excellent on photos and 3D-style images as well. You can always go with a black or white maple wood if you are confused about which frame to choose. This is a versatile frame that looks good on almost all types of pictures and in any surroundings. Its ability to gel well with any artwork, photography and interiors makes it a very popular framing choice.

  • Rustic Frame

These frames have a rough and more natural texture as compared to the other ones. They are made of rich natural textured wood, which gives out an exquisite yet humble look. These frames are great for travel photos as it accentuates the pop of colors in a travel photo with its rough-textured outline. 

These especially look good on large artwork and canvases as the frame’s uneven texture brings out the picture’s true nature. 

  • Deep-set Frame

These are the ones where it looks like the picture is placed deep inside. Basically, it has a 3D-like effect where the picture seems like it is placed inside a box, and there are shadows around the corner which enhances the effect more. 

Deep-set frames are mostly used for gifting or a wedding/anniversary photo for their unique look. 


Framing options are essential before you hang up the canvas art on your wall. Framing helps to highlight the picture and make it the center of attention. Visually your canvas art will look more organized and well-thought-out with appropriate framing. It is best to go with an option that suits your picture. Customize and order your framed prints online to adorn your interiors with its beauty.


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