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Why Do We Need ERP?


For ERP software in Lahore Gluon ERP is the best place to go. But first, let us have a look at why is ERP software required? To answer this let us have a look at an example. A client approaches the sales team to buy a product, the sales team reaches the inventory department to check the availability of the product.

In this case, the product is out of stock, the sales team approaches the production planning department to manufacture the product. The production planning team then also reaches the inventory department for the availability of the raw material. If the raw material is not available with the inventory team than the production planning department buys it from the vendors. Then the production planning forwards the raw material to the shop floor execution for actual production.

After this process, the shop floor execution department gives the product to the sales team and they deliver it to the client. Then the sales department informs the finance department so that they generate the revenue of the product. All the department approaches the HR department for any human resource issues.

In an organization, there are these basic departments that continue to communicate and exchange data within the company. That is how the success of the organization is possible. Moreover, there are two types of enterprise software system:

  • Decentralized systems
  • The centralized system also is known as an ERP system

Decentralized System

A company with a decentralized system of data management data is maintained locally in an individual department. Departments do not have access to data or information from other departments. The problem with a decentralized system is that they do not have direct information about the product which the client needs on an urgent basis.

As this process takes time so the customer chooses another vendor. This leads to loss of revenue and a lack of customer satisfaction. To know about the product, you will have to reach every different department which takes a lot of time, and the cost of material and inventory cost increases. This is how the company loses its reputation. The solution to all these problems is a centralized system also known as ERP.

Centralized System

In a company with an ERP system or centralized system of data management, data storage is at a central location and shared with various departments. Departments have access to data and other departments.

Let us see how a business plan works if the company has an ERP software in Lahore. When a customer approaches a sales team to buy the product on an urgent basis. The sales team has real-time information access to product inventory. That information is updated automatically by the inventory department through the ERP system. The customer responds on time which increases revenue and makes the customer happy. In case the manufacturer information is required, the ERP software will update the production planning department automatically. This avoids data duplication.

In case of a shortage of workforce, the HR department takes full responsibility to handle labor and if more people are required the HR teams start to hire more people due to which the Labor cost goes down Vendors can directly submit their invoices to the centralized ERP system which can be finalized by the finance department thus, payments are made on time without any legal actions.

Benefits of ERP System

Here are some benefits of using the ERP system. Over time, we have interviewed numerous customers and evaluated their information. Based on user experiences, here are the benefits they say they appreciated from GluonERP.

  • Eliminates duplication
  • Provides information in real-time
  • Control over various business processes
  • Increases productivity
  • Better inventory management
  • Reduces material cost
  • Better customer interaction

If you are still not sure whether considering adopting GluonERP is ideal for your company, then here are a few reasons why do we recommend our ERP software. Nevertheless, you can always contact us directly to learn more.

Standardization of software

When in an organization you will have to utilize the data from different departments it can make everything chaotic. But with the help of an ERP software where there is a unified interface, it makes it easy to access data as there is a centralized dashboard that increases data security.

Better accounting and financial reporting

Manual data entry can be less productive but an automated ERP system keeps a track of your money that is coming in and going out. And it is very important to keep a track of finance in an organization.

Faster responses

With the help of ERP software, everything is centralized, which helps the company to respond faster. It does not only improve the service but it also increases the reputation of the company overall.

Regulatory compliance and security

An ERP software will synchronize with all the regulatory rules and will keep on updating the features. It does not only streamline the data process but it also takes care of the security requirements within the company.

The integration of the process is unified into one system which also helps the administrators to control the security of the software.

Mobility and flexibility

ERP software will leverage the whole process by the centralized database. Remote access to the information makes it easy for the company to save time and extra-human effort. The way the company grows the ERP system becomes flexible and the productivity of the company increases.

Thus, to buy ERP software in Lahore keep the above reasons in mind so that you can make the best choice for your company. Gluon ERP is highly recommended for your company’s productivity and smooth running of the system.

If you have more questions and concerns, feel free to book an appointment with us. Our team of experts will come over to listen to your company’s challenges, and assist you with expert advice. We aim to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, so feel free to share your concerns with us. We are here to help.


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