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Which Platforms & Tools Are Useful to Start Wholesale Herbal Medicine Business?


The tradition of using herbs is passed down from generation to generation. From herbal teas to medicines, herbs are part of our daily lives. According to a report (2017), 80% of the population still uses natural remedies for minor health problems. There are tremendous opportunities in this industry. This is one of the profitable businesses. The companies source herbs cheaply and, after using them in medicine, sell them at a high markup. As time goes by, more and more people are turning to Ayurvedic and herbal remedies due to their benefits. The total estimated size of the wholesale herbal medicines market is expected to reach $135.58 billion in 2025. The expected growth is rapid and expeditious. This not only increases the chances of business success but also provides a path for entrepreneurs to establish businesses with ease.

In case you are thinking of starting an herbal medicine wholesale business or want to run your wholesale business online, this blog is for you. In this blog, we show you how to start your wholesale herbal medicine business. We are going to suggest some platforms and tools that are helpful in starting an herbal medicine wholesale business online.

Plan Your business

Although establishing an online business is not as easy as ABC, by following a few steps you can successfully establish your business.

The first and foremost thing to run a business is planning. Without a plan and strategy, you cannot enter the industry to achieve your goals. Plan your business well. Evaluate market. Assess your product value in the market and explore other companies. What they are selling, their revenue, the hurdles they have faced, their quality, packaging, and pricing. Keep everything on your tips. Without knowing the market and your competitors you won’t be able to win your crown. Your budget must be a part of your planning whenever you plan your business keep your budget in mind. Never overdo things.

Name your business. Name is the way that attracts people and gives the idea of business. Set your target audience. Not all herbal medicines are for everyone. Once you decide whom you are going to serve then the next step is the marketing plan. Marketing and promotions should be planned before starting the business.

In case you are thinking online business requires no legal formalities then sorry to burst your bubble. An online business needs to fulfill some legal formalities. Build a website. Your website is your digital shop. People tend to trust websites than social media pages. Win the trust of your customers.

Digital Platforms

Your presence on a digital platform is important for your wholesale herbal medicine business. This business is different from other businesses as it involves not only medicine but also herbs. People are inclined to use natural remedies but they are not aware of the ingredients. To promote your products, you need to show them what you have.

Why Is A Digital Platform Important?

We can spend days discussing how useful digital platforms are for online businesses. But we do not need it as we both know a digital platform is the only way to strengthen the business.

  • Digital platforms improve communication and connect businesses to customers
  • It increases the collaboration
  • It allows businesses to use its traffic for the business
  • It is the most useful marketing tool
  • It improves your revenue.


Several digital platforms such as SeeBiz allows free registration for companies. SeeBiz is a digital wholesale marketplace. Thousands of companies and millions of products are available on it. It connects you directly to suppliers and wholesalers through its social networking system. This is one of the most effective ways to start a new business relationship. You can get customers by adding your products and suppliers by contacting them. This way you can find vendors and customers on the same platform. SeeBiz believes in making your business easier.

Tools to Boost Your Online Wholesale Herbal Medicine Business

There are many tools along with the digital platform that plays a vital role in the growth of your business. For different purposes you have to use different tools as each tool provides different services and deals with various operations.

  • Marketing Tools

Companies use various marketing tools to promote their products. That includes email marketing, SMS marketing, and different promotional activities such as BOGOF. Google Analytics, Moz Pro, SpyFu, HubSpot, and Klaviyo are the best examples of marketing tools. These tools promote your business and reduce your headache by managing everything for your business.

  • Inventory Tools

Inventory management is a difficult task. Manual tasks involve human errors. Without using inventory tools, you can face many obstacles to keep track of your inventory. Various tools like SeeBiz Inventory aim to manage and track your inventory accurately. By providing you with detailed reports, SeeBiz Inventory prevents overstocking and overselling situations. Due to the efficiency and product flow, it saves time and money. It keeps records from order confirmation to shipment. As a wholesaler of herbal medicine, you need to maintain your contacts. It allows you to add and export contacts in bulk. In the case of drop shipping, it ensures a smooth ordering process. Integrates all departments into the system. You can assign roles to your employee by restricting access to maintain privacy. An effective inventory management tool is your best friend when it comes to managing inventory.

Final Call

You can establish your wholesale herbal medicine business online by following the discussed steps. For marketing and inventory, we have suggested a few tools. You can choose an appropriate one following your business requirements. These tools and platforms not only help you to boost your business but also generate revenue.


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