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What is Diabetes and What are the main symptoms and Treatments of Diabetes


Insulin deficiency affected many people by day to day with low visibility symptoms and decrease in memory

There are 40 percent of diabetes and 25-30 percent of obese patients in the country. The number will double by 2035.

Pay attention when you gain weight with decreased vigilance, concentration, and memory. Control weight.

Obesity, non-exercisers, and those who have a high BMI are mostly prone to like diabetes.

50% to 70% of patients suffering from the pancreatic disease are generally have more chance to suffer from Diabetes and approx 5% of patients suffering from pancreatic cancer have type 3 diabetes.

What is Diabetes and Why it Occurs in People?

Diabetes is a disease associated with the endocrine gland or pancreas present inside the body.

This gland, located backward in the upper part of the stomach, works by converting food into energy (glucose) for the body by creating enzymes useful for digestion. It keeps blood sugar levels balanced.

There are several reasons why people who have long been suffering from inflammation and infection in the pancreas due to lack of digestive juices and indigestion in the diet, there is a possibility of type-1 diabetes.

Drinking excess of alcohol, and which has a gall bladder stone and genetic mutation in the body, or taking any medicine, is at more risk.

Be Aware of Diabetes

Commonly cases of type-1,2 and justified diabetes are more common.

Talking about the increasing number of Pancreatic diseases, cases of type-3 diabetes are also coming up. There is no difference in blood sugar levels in this type of diabetes.

Rather, when the brain is unable to access insulin and a person has a pancreatic disease for a long time, the risk of this diabetes disease increases.

Different organs affect insulin resistance in different organs. When the brain does not use insulin, there is a lack of oxygen. In such a situation, diabetes-3 is formed.

At the same time, When the kidney fails and they cannot use insulin. Also If the heart is unable to do so, then a Heart attack occurs.

Main symptoms of diabetes

The symptoms of this diabetes are different from other types of diabetes because it also has weak brain function and pancreas symptoms.

Uncontrolled weight gain, forgetting of recent events, stomach ache, greasy stool, frequent desire to freshen up after eating.

The special thing when there is no problem in the range of blood sugar in this disease, the level remains constant.

Treatments for Diabetes

Pancreas function test Method of treatment Pancreas function test and ultrasound and MRI are done to identify the disease.

If you have any pancreas disease or type-3 diabetes caused by this disease, then you control it with medicines. Medications regulate the function of insulin.

If the condition of the patient becomes severe with repeated pain, then he should take or to perform an endoscopy.

Depending on the severity, stones are removed from the pancreas or a stent has to be inserted.

Diabetes inherent problems related to the stomach and stomach pain frequently.

With an increase in weight or obesity, a decrease in memory, indigestion, stomach pain keeps recurring, these symptoms do not be negligent and quickly seek proper treatment.

Keep weight controlled, do regular 30-minute physical activity. Keep weight under control Eat a balanced diet. Eat less of the things found in the market.


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