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What Is Arduino and Why Does It Matter in Robotics?


Robotics is one of the subjects we teach and emphasize at MakerKids. When children become more familiar with it, they understand its importance and how it is all around them. Arduino is one of the technologies we use to teach a robotics course. Many children are initially unfamiliar with it. However, once they hear of all of the fun things it can do, they can’t wait to put it to use. Let’s look at what Arduino is and why it’s useful in robotics.

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What exactly is Arduino?

Arduino is a microcontroller, to put it simply. This tiny machine serves as the robot’s brain. It can be programmed to monitor the interactions between buttons, motors, switches, lights, and other electronic components. One of the many reasons Arduino appeals to children is that it is hands-on. It can be connected to a device. You will use the machine to write a program and then send it to the Arduino.

When children begin using Arduino kit, they soon discover that robotics is all around them. Although learning about electronics and how they work is fascinating, experiencing it firsthand is even better. MakerKids gives kids the opportunity to create their inventions using Arduino. They get to see what works and what doesn’t, as well as how to fix problems.

What are some of the most common Arduino projects?

The rover is one of the most successful Arduino projects. Kids can not only assemble their robot and learn about electronics, but they can also program it and make it dance in whatever way they want.

What is the significance of Arduino?

Arduino is important because it is used in a variety of commonplace applications. Many children and adults are unaware that the Arduino is at the heart of many everyday products. Square, a system that can be plugged into smartphones to accept credit card payments, is made possible by Arduino, many businesses are unaware of. The Pebble watch is a good example of this. The initial prototype for both of these items was created with Arduino.

Kids become even more fascinated as they begin to use Arduino and realize that technologies can be created to solve real-world problems.

What are the Benefits of Robotics in a Child’s Education?

Since it fosters imagination and problem-solving, robotics is an integral part of a child’s education. Kids must learn to be innovative while working in a robotics program that uses Arduino and other technologies. They must also learn how to solve problems that can occur when developing new technologies. This is a set of abilities that can be used in the real world.

In terms of the real world, studying robotics helps children plan for what lies ahead. Programming and coding jobs are growing in popularity. Jobs in programming are rising at a 50% higher rate than jobs in other industries. IT jobs are also expected to expand at a 22 percent annual pace by 2020.

For children to be successful in the future job market, they must learn the requisite computer skills. Learning robotics and using Arduino are two examples of how to do this. Participating in all STEM subjects will help children develop into well-rounded individuals who can contribute to the future community.


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