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The 5 Different Types of Essays to Prepare for Writing Assignment

Types of Essays

Each type has a different purpose and is used to convey a unique message. This article discusses the 5 different types of essays you’ll find in college courses. If you need to learn about the different types of essays, you can consider using the services of a freelance essay writer.

They are usually used as the basis for arguments or discussions in classes such as history or science. They require that students investigate a particular idea, evaluate the existing knowledge, and to expound on it.

They provide the reader with some type of information on a particular subject, such as an event that has taken place or what to do in a certain situation. One has to explore an issue exhaustively.

Benefits of Essay Writing

-Persuasive essays are often used to argue a particular point of view or promote an idea, such as in speeches and debates. Persuasive essays are used to convince someone that an opinion or position is correct. They require facts and evidence, but are more subjective than expository essays because they have a specific point of view. The student has to provide his perspectives regarding an issue in an attempt to persuade the readers on why they should take a particular stance.

-Compare and contrast essays compare two different subjects side by side. For instance, the similarities and the differences regarding a specific idea. This type of essay discusses the differences and the similarities of two or even more things including places, items, concepts, or ideas. The items being compared have to be different for one to be able to identify their similarities and their differences. For instance, you can compare one city with another, and discuss their similarities and their differences in your paper.

-Descriptive essays have the objective to provide a detailed description of an object, person or event. It tells readers about what it looks like and how well-known it is in society. This type of essay brings out details that help people who are not familiar with the subject know more about it. For instance, one can describe a particular person’s character through the use of descriptive facts.

-They are often written in first person, which makes the reader feel as if they’ve been transported to the narrator’s world and were part of the events being described. Narrative essays can be about personal experiences or fictional occurrences; it all depends on what is wanted by the writer for his readership.

Some writers have the ability to write about a topic from an objective point of view, which allows readers to connect with their work. The writer is not biased and does not inject his opinion into the essay; he’s simply reporting what really happened or what was seen by him.

In conclusion, these are the five types of essays that each student is likely to come across in their studies. You have to understand how each type is written. However, if you need assistance, you can use the services of freelanceessays.com to get your essay done, from which you can learn how to write the different types of essays.


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