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Types and health benefits of millets


Millet is said to be the oldest cultivated grains in the whole world. It is being grown in Southeast Asia and Africa for more than 1000 years and millets can be used to make bread, cereal and many other dishes.

Millet has regained popularity over the past few years and these days one can also get them in plenty of varieties. One can also make some trendy food options out of it like vegan millet cookies. Here are the major types of millets:

Foxtail millet

This is indigenously known as kangni or kakum and they are commonly available like rice or semolina flour. Foxtail millet contains blood sugar balancing carbohydrates and it has a good amount of calcium and iron. This can regulate the HDL cholesterol in the body as well.

Finger millet

Commonly known as Ragi, it is a healthier substitute for wheat or rice. The millet variant is gluten free and it is very much rich in amino acids and protein. It can be great for children because it leads to brain development.

Pearl millet

This is commonly known as Baajra and it is extremely nutrient dense. It has magnesium, calcium, fibre, protein and iron. One can have it on a daily basis which can help one to fight against type 2 diabetes.


If one wants to lose body weight then they can consume it. It is a great food option for those who are suffering from diabetes and it can also help in lowering the blood pressure. It improves cardiovascular health as well. Buckwheat fights against childhood asthma, gallstones and breast cancer.

Little millet

It is another great option to consume when one wants to lose weight. One can easily replace their daily rice consumption with this. It is filled with zinc, potassium, iron and calcium. It can work as an anti oxidant for the body.

Millets do have a lot of beneficial nutrients like magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and others. Here are some major benefits of consuming them:

Aids weight loss

The calorie content in millets is very low and they are great for the ones who want to lose body weight. In fact, it is the best food option for those who are fitness conscious and it can also keep the energy level quite high. It can keep one satiated for a longer time than the usual carbohydrates. It can also make one feel fuller for a longer tome because it takes some time to get digested. As a result, one does not reach out to unhealthy snacks now and then.

Control Blood Sugar

It is low in simple carbohydrates and high in complex ones. Hence it can control the blood sugar level from spiking after eating.

Improve Digestive Health

They are rich in dietary fibre (both soluble and insoluble). As a result it supports good bacteria in the digestive system. They can add bulk to the stools and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

One can easily have vegan millet cookies as a healthy snack option when needed.


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