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Tips on Printing Custom Eyelash Box Packaging for Bundled up Items


Do you claim to have the finest collection of eyelash extensions? Presenting and pitching the products as bundled up saver deals would aid you with selling smartly. You can use three and more items to make the sets or kits. Showcasing them in aesthetically appealing packaging would pique the interest of potential customers in your offerings. Coruscating boxes carrying the eyelashes would get noticed even from the distance. You can place them at point of sale display counters to get them wide attention. Packaging can be customized with festive themes on Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, Valentine’s and other occasions to give gift ideas to the consumers.

Winsome eyelash boxes featuring your limited edition and exclusive items would make them hard to ignore. Persuasive packaging that elucidates on how your product can accentuate beauty; is easy to apply and value for money would aid the potential buyers to complete their purchase. Communicative and catchy boxes for retail would earn you an edge over your competitors. These would assist you with establishing credibility for your brand as well. Don’t rely on an unskilled printer for your personalized packaging. You shouldn’t risk ruining your business’ image, shelf life of false eyelashes and consumer trust by entrusting the job of printing the boxes to an amateur vendor.

You need to evaluate and compare the service time, samples, pricing, and other service aspects of different online and local printing providers to choose the most competent one.

Explain your requirements for displaying the eyelash extension sets to get packaging style, stock and finishing suggestions accordingly!

Here are some tips that are likely to prove helpful!

Get Spacious Boxes with Dividers or Inserts

Packaging for four or six products should be printed with size dimensions that can keep the packaged items safe from getting affected by tampering factors. You can have medium and large custom eyelash boxes printed with inserts or dividers to support and safely store the eyelashes. It is better to get samples made prior to ordering in bulk. It would allow you to recommend changes and gauge the space and durability of the packaging.

Trendy and Amusing Custom Eyelash Packaging

Boxes for bundled up item can be made pleasing for the cosmetic junkies by getting them printed with entertaining content. You can have a movie inspired eye makeup look printed on the packaging that can be created using one of your eyelash extensions. The boxes can have golden, brown or silver backdrop with images so that the artwork looks enthralling. Text can be highlighted in funky or colorful font style.

Boxes that make the Eyelash Sets worth Buying

Use the space on packaging for creating value for the combo offers. You can tell the potential buyers about the individual price of eyelashes and how much they can save up buying a set. Mention the details like what makes the items cost effective, how many glue bottles are there in the eyelash box and if you have a surprise inside for the shoppers.

Avail the custom packaging services by the Legacy Printing and get design support, personalized solutions and quick shipping at a reasonable price. The printer offers real time assistance to its clients regarding their queries and concerns.

The boxes can be embellished with decorative accessories like ribbons, cards and paper flowers to make them more engrossing. Printing stock for packaging should be strong and flexible, seek guidance from the printer about the commonly used materials.


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