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The Future of Social Media Marketing


Social media is not just a platform for fun anymore. It has a lot of influence and impact on people, and that is why it is known as one of the most powerful forms of media. There are hardly any businesses left who don’t have social media marketing as part of their marketing campaign.

If you are using this platform for advertising your brand, keeping an eye on its future is imperative too. It is necessary to know what the future holds for social media so that you can curate your marketing strategy as per the changing trends. As a marketer, keeping an eye on future trends is vital for the success of any strategy. Thus, in this blog, we will be listing some of the possible future trends when it comes to social media.

  1.     Video content as part of your marketing strategy

Video is a powerful content type as it is more informative than a text or image. When you see a video on YouTube or Instagram, it grabs your attention more than an image or text. That is why all marketers would have to include videos in their content strategy for social media.

If you see the statistics of reels, YouTube videos, and IGTV videos, you will see that their engagement is high. So, if you are not already, start creating video content for Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Moreover, have a YouTube channel and create branded content that can help people like- the how-to series, and so on. Use Canva to design thumbnails for your videos whether on YouTube or IGTV. It will impact users more.

  1.     Influencer marketing

A lot of you must already be collaborating with influencers. If you are not, now is the right time to do so as influencer marketing can get you more followers who are loyal to you. There are three types of influencers:

The first category is one that has over 30K followers. They charge high rates for collaborating with you and are quite popular (celebrities come in this category). It can be a problem for SME.

Thus, you can collaborate with the second category of influencers known as micro-influencer. They have more than 10K followers. They have better engagement rates as their audience interact more with the content.

The third category is nano-influencer. They are the ones who have less than 10K followers. But since it is a small community, they have better engagement and loyal followers.

As per your budget and need, you can collaborate with them and get more exposure and conversion rate.

  1.     Artificial intelligence 

We already are using social media for providing better customer services to our audience. Gradually, AI-powered chatbots will overtake this. So, thinking about social media operated through AI is something you should get a head start on. Already some brands are using AI-powered chatbots on Facebook.

AI helps with a quick reply and better customer service. As we know, a brand that can provide the best customer care experience has a better chance of staying on top.

  1.     Driving sales through social media will become more popular

It is a trend even now, but in the coming years, this will be the way to go. A lot of businesses start on social media, and they reach great heights. Also, there are so many tools and features of social media that makes selling products on them easier.

To ensure that you keep getting top sales on social media, make sure you pot regular content using a scheduling tool. Moreover, publish quality content, best images edited or created using Canva, keep interacting with your customers, and more.

  1.     Use of augmented reality to drive more sales

Augmented reality helps people see how a product will look on them or in their house. For instance, lenskart provides the customer with the option to choose how the product is looking on your face. Similarly, Ikea lets you see how a piece of furniture is looking in a specific part of the room.

Using this technology can help you get a more satisfied customer. Investing in this is something you need to think about.



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