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Staging Tips When Trying to Sell Your Home


Nowadays, selling a home is challenging, and home sellers are getting smarter! With the many properties on sale, you should go the extra mile to make your property more appealing. This way, your home will sell faster and for more dollars! Sounds exciting? This article guides you on how to do this right.

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What is home staging?

Home staging is the process of embellishing your house to appeal to prospective buyers. The process involves various home improvement projects, and many hire home stagers to help package your property to attract the right buyers.

 If moving to a new place, you should also plan for professional movers and hire the right moving company. Why is this important? Mover firms offer different types of mover services and will safely ferry your belongings to your new home.

What are the best home staging ideas?

1. Start with the exteriors

First impression matters to all buyers. A home with an appealing entrance and backyard will entice the buyer to check inside. Clean up the driveway, tidy the backyard, and plant fresh flowers. Moreover, paint the house exteriors and the gate to make your home stand out.

 2. Declutter!

Before you begin working on your home interiors, get rid of all that you don’t need. Do away with unused furniture, clothes, toys, and faulty appliances. Moreover, store the small gadgets in the shelves, and organize your home into a neat-looking space. A decluttered home creates the illusion of space, and that’s what most homebuyers seek.

3. Update the kitchen& bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom are prominent spots in the home, and you should have them looking superb. Paint a fresh and go for neutral colors. Update the fixtures in the kitchen, install modern faucets and lights. 

Also, clear the countertops and anything on top of the cabinets. For the bathroom, apply a fresh coat of paint, put up a new shower curtain, and add new towels. Also, get rid of bathmats and rugs and keep everything off the counters.

4. Deal with funky smells

 Don’t get preoccupied with the look of your home. Funky smell can be a big turn-off, no matter how beautiful your home looks. Therefore, complement the new look with sweet-smelling scents that will greet potential buyers at the door. If you’re a smoker, open the windows and use air fresheners to conceal the smell. Moreover, if you own pets, ensure that awful smell doesn’t derail all your staging efforts.

5. Keep off pets!

If you’re a pet lover, you presumably have extra work to do. Not everyone loves pets, and keeping your lovely pup out of sight goes a long way. Besides, you don’t want your dog to bark or howl at potential clients and scare them away. Clean everything up, and ask a friend to take your pet for a walk.

The bottom line

Home staging doesn’t have to be costly. There are different simple things that you can do to create that appealing look in your home. Consider the ideas mentioned above, and transform your home into an attractive space. Moreover, seek help from professionals on how to stage your home for a more profitable sale.


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