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Staging Tips When Trying to Sell Your Home


Did you know statics show that home staging increases the value of the home by about 6-10% and your home attractiveness by about 77%? Now you know! To capture the attention of potential buyers, it is imperative to make the space look attractive at the first glimpse. Home staging, therefore, is vital if you want to sell your home quickly. 

Given that there are many people selling their homes, you want yours to be among the ones that the potential buyers buy fast. Giving them a visual representation of how their next home will look is a surefire way to get them paying for the house after the very first visit. Wondering where to start from? Read on.

1. Declutter 

Most buyers will prefer houses that look big and spacious. As such, you want to remove as much clutter as possible in your home. Get rid of the things you do not need anymore or those that you have not used in the past 6 months. This will, in turn, create more space in your home and make space look more attractive. Ensure that you declutter all parts of your house as potential buyers will want to have a look at every room before making a decision. Ensure that you put away the clutter in a separate room, preferably at the garage or in the storage area, or contact McLaughlin transportation company to help to move them to the nearest charity center.

2. Clean the house

A sparkling clean home is an indication that you have been taking good care of the house. As such, you need to ensure that every inch of your home is clean before any potential buyers walk in. While you might have been doing the regular cleaning before, you might need to do a little more when it comes to staging your home. Ensure that the walls, ceiling, floor, countertops, and everything in between is sparkling clean. 

3. Focus on key areas in the house

There are key areas in the house that potential buyers always focus on; the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen. Ensure that you put extra effort into cleaning and decluttering these rooms. Also, depersonalize the spaces as much as possible. As aforementioned, the goal is to make the buyer visualize the home as their own. Keep aside any personal stuff such as family photos or religious pieces and replace them with beautiful decor pieces. You can also add a few pot plants at strategic points in the house. Plants not only add a touch of glam but also makes the house smell fresh at all times.

4. Make a few adjustments

Lastly, you need to make a few adjustments in the house. Ensure that all taps are functional, the paint is well done, and you rearrange your furniture to create as much space walkable space as possible. If you will have some paint job done, it would be best to work with warm neutral colors.

Wrap Up

You do not have to break your bank when staging your home. While making the necessary changes, have the buyer in mind and think about what will impress them. The above-mentioned tips will help you a great deal with the whole process. 


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