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Say Goodbye to Smudged Photos: Tips and Tricks on How to Clean a Phone Camera Lens

Say Goodbye to Smudged Photos: Tips and Tricks on How to Clean a Phone Camera Lens

How many times have you picked up your phone, pointed the camera, and then paused because you realized your lens is dirty again? 

Unless you’re a fan of old-timey film grain and lens flare, you probably want to avoid dirt and scratches to your phone lens. Nothing is worse than missing a once-in-a-lifetime moment because you were cleaning your phone. 

So, what can you do?

With a little extra caution and preventative care, you’ll know how to clean a phone camera lens in no time. Read on for everything you need to know about keeping your phone lens clean.

Use a Brush or Blower for Debris

Even if you don’t consider yourself a professional photographer, it couldn’t hurt to have a lens brush or blower on hand. There are even cleaning kits specially designed for lenses as small as those on your smartphone.

Camera brushes have soft bristles that can remove debris without scratching your lens, so don’t reach for the makeup brush or toothbrush. Lens blowers can help tackle those tiny, stubborn, hard-to-reach areas, too. 

Wipe Away Smudges and Stubborn Bits

If you find that a brush or blower can’t give you a clean smudged camera lens, don’t use your fingers or your shirt. Instead, use a microfiber cloth.

Remember these cloths can make smudges worse by spreading around the grease on your fingers. Instead, dampen it with a drop or two of lens cleaning solution before use. This is designed to dissolve grease and loosen dirt.

Some lens cleaners you should stay away from include: 

  • Ammonia
  • Alcohol
  • Toothpaste

If you’re in a hurry, consider adding disposable lens wipes to your gear. While they might not be as sustainable, they are easier to use in a pinch.

Just avoid using toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues, as these can also scratch your lens and shed even more dust.

Invest in a Lens Protector

You might not know how to protect camera lenses without a lens cap like professional photographers have. As it turns out, you can find the same kind of protection for your phone camera.

Think of lens protectors as an extension of your phone case. They protect your phone cameras from getting a dirty or scratched lens, which can sometimes be costly to repair.

Proper Care

When setting your phone down, remember to keep the camera pointing upwards and the screen down. This helps prevent any bumps or scratches from tough surfaces.

Remember to keep your phone out of wet and dirty areas. It’s best to clean it in a climate-controlled environment where you have everything you need.

Lastly, remember not to clean your camera lens unless it’s affecting your photos. Over-cleaning increases the chances of scratching your lens and can even contaminate your phone camera lens further.

Now You Know How to Clean a Phone Camera Lens

There’s nothing worse than a scratched phone camera lens. After all, a clean phone camera lens is the key to eye-catching photos. If you aren’t careful when cleaning even the simplest of smudges, you might damage your lens without even knowing it.

Luckily, knowing how to clean a phone camera lens is easier than you think.

If you found this article helpful, be sure to browse our technology section for more ways to take care of your beloved gizmos and gadgets. 


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