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The Decisive Role of Website Design in SEO Conversion Rate

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Optimizing website SEO has become a prerequisite of a professional website and is a mandatory condition when your business develops Online Marketing. So what is the first factor that comes to your mind? Do you think keywords are the most important? Or is the content displayed on the website?. But reality shows that one of the biggest factors influencing the number of website visitors and converting into customers is the layout and design of your cong ty thiet ke web.

The quality of the customer experience with your business can be completely influenced by the power of web design. You can invest a huge amount of money in campaigns promoting products and services; your keywords are ontop, but there are still problems in some websites that have fully converged elements to attract customers to your website. But in fact, you find that the conversion into calls, purchases are very low.

More than just being attractive, the website must also be designed with SEO in mind to optimally guide visitors through which to convert into buyers. Consider the following notes in website design and you can start making changes to your website today.

Don’t leave too many options

When building a website, you may think that giving your visitors a large number of options on your website makes you more attractive and usable, but this design may work against you. According to Hick’s Law, the more choices someone has, the longer it takes them to make a decision. Following this principle, a site with too many options shown to the end visitor can prevent conversion rates when people refer too much and end up losing interest or unable to make a choice. .

To prevent this from happening, keep navigation clean and simple. Nobody has to hover over a drop-down menu and see 20 options, for example. Review your current website layout and analytics tools; Where are people tending to leave the sales to funnel? Which pages have the highest bounce rates and which ones are users most likely to weigh? Surely you will find the problem that is hindering conversions and adjust your website design thiet ke website accordingly.

Optimize page load time

A page’s responsiveness can make or break a conversion action like a call or purchase in less than 5 seconds. Internet users are accustomed to super-fast results and, like it or not, they expect instant gratification when they search for goods or services online. If your web host has poor load times, you may not only lose viewers but also rank lower in search engines. Google also takes the technical aspects of your website into account, so slow response times can hurt a great SEO strategy.

Keep the website clean and professional

Gone are the days when websites had sections that could insert moving ads or banners with flickering, messy buttons and bright colors in every corner of the site. Today and it is possible that the current trend is sufficient and true to the standard and it also tends to lead to faster conversions. Use white space to keep your design clean and easy to glide on; Highlight your call-to-action, especially call-to-action on your homepage.

Instead of trying to highlight things with too different colors, use high-impact images and converting keywords. Font size also plays a big role here; Create hierarchy by mixing and matching your font sizes to grab attention and create accents.

Use Professional Images

Any poor quality web image will make your brand look unprofessional and unreliable. High-quality images are also an important part of attracting the attention of your viewers in blog posts and service pages. Choose wisely and be impact-oriented; too many images on a page can reduce load times, but one to three professional-grade images will tie your site together.

Don’t disturb the customer by the chat pop-up

Intrusion ads are rarely effective and often disrupt the user experience. Instead of trying to force people to enter personal information, create compelling, high-ranking content that makes them want to reach out. If you have a pop-up, make sure that the pop-up doesn’t overwhelm their screen or make it difficult, if not impossible, to close.

Hope the above shares will help effectively in converting your website!

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